Best Apps for Prank Phone Calls

If you typically spend your Saturday nights outwitting unsuspecting contacts with prank phone calls, you’re going to love what prank apps have in store.

Prank call apps provide a fantastic accessory to your prank dials, improving user experience with a wide array of cool technological features. 

There are prank apps of all types, offering their own unique functions. Some prank apps simulate real prank calls, where an automated prerecording is sent to the recipient. Others grant the ability to immediately change how you speak, offering fun voice modifications to trick others more convincingly.

To save you the trouble of downloading overhyped apps, we’ve chosen the best ones for you. Let’s begin!


If you’re familiar with the OwnagePranks youtube channel, you probably won’t be surprised to see their app among our top recommendations. This prank calling simulator sends an automated prerecording to your recipient, giving the impression a real person is on the call. 

Prerecorded calls are recorded and voiced by professional actors, so scripts are performed to a high standard. Each prerecording offers a fun scenario applicable to everyday situations – a paranoid man telling you to stay away from his lover or a disgruntled uber driver arriving too early. The app also features many of the same memorable characters from their youtube channel, such as Buk Lau and Tyronne Biggums. 

Unlike a soundboard, scripted calls are equipped with an inbuilt AI. Otherwise known as speech recognition technology – this innovative Ai feature can pick up on keywords being said, enabling the prerecording to respond and even pause at the right times. 


  • A wide variety of prank scenarios offered, with over 100 and counting
  • Various accents provided for specific scripts, enhancing Prank phone calls
  • Easy to use – Choose a prank script, select your contact, and call
  • User Caller IDs are not present, ensuring you remain anonymous throughout the call

Voice Changer with Effects

Have you become the main suspect as being the anonymous prank caller within your group of friends? If so, a new speaking voice will significantly reduce suspicion while making your prank calls more entertaining. Voice Changer with Effects can transform the way you sound almost instantly, providing a diverse selection of voice effects to choose from. 

With more than 40 effects, the app’s list of sound modifications must be among the most comprehensive today. Some of these include Monster, Robot, Giant, and Zombie. 

Changing your voice is also relatively straight forward. Do so by creating a recording using the app’s record function, then apply your preferred sound effect. Once satisfied, you’ll be able to play your prerecording over the phone or online as a voice message. For something more practical, use your voice clip as an alarm clock or notification sound.


  • Transform the way you sound with over 40 effects available
  • Make a recording of yourself to apply sound effects
  • Import an image or sound to your existing voice recording to send online

Mr Caller Free

Mr Caller Free is a different type of prank call simulator. The primary difference being that the app enables users to make incoming calls instead of outgoing calls. 

So how exactly can you utilize an incoming call for a prank? This will depend entirely on you, as you’ll decide how the imaginary conversation plays out. Once engaged in a call, you’ll be able to fabricate any prank scenario you wish. 

Stuck in a work meeting and need a smooth escape with a valid excuse at the ready? Easy! Schedule an incoming call and convince your colleagues there’s an emergency. How about tricking your kids into thinking their Santa Claus is calling? Create a unique dialogue with Santa on Christmas day. A fair amount of improvisation is needed for this prank, so it’s best to prepare before any call. 


  • Organize a fake incoming call whenever it suits you
  • Designate bogus callers with a new name and number
  • Engage in fake calls to trick others nearby

Fake video call – FakeTime 2.8

Switching from fake incoming calls to online videos, Fake Video Call – FakeTime will take your creative skills as a prankster to another level. This app displays preinstalled high-quality videos showing different characters, simulating a real-life video call. 

Video calls will also include your face, so speaking and reacting naturally during a call is essential to sufficiently fool others. Although the video call isn’t real, it’s hard to tell as it replicates one perfectly. Like a fake incoming call, fake video callers will have their own Caller IDs, making them appear legitimate to whoever’s listening in. 

In addition to the preinstalled videos on offer, users can also add custom videos. A custom video can be of a friend or a celebrity video call you found online. 


  • Schedule incoming video calls
  • Add a custom video or choose preinstalled videos offered
  • Schedule what time the video call starts

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