Best deals during Black Friday 2020

Every year, millions of customers flock the markets in hunt for the best deals. Black Friday is a global event that takes place in November, during which you can find some of the best deals year-round. It is also the single busiest day of the year in shops and malls, so knowing how to navigate through the ocean of promotions is the key to saving your time and money.

How to find the best deals during Black Friday 2020?

One of the easiest and most popular ways to find the best deals that will be featured on Black Friday is to browse through your local newspaper. Instead of browsing through the stores manually on the day of the event, search for advertisements and coupons in the newspaper. You can keep an eye on the newspapers all throughout the month, but the most important one of them all is the Thanksgiving Day newspaper, which will surely be filled to the brim with ads and promotions.

Another great idea is to browse through the websites and mobile apps of your favorite stores to find exactly the kinds of discounts that you are interested in. Many categories of products will not be of any interest to you, so instead of browsing through hundreds upon hundreds of irrelevant ads, you can limit your search to the brands that you are interested in.

Websites that post current offers and ads can be a great help too. is one of such websites, on which you can find the latest deals from an abundance of stores and retailers. Use this to your advantage and browse through all of your favorite shops before Black Friday to secure the best deals.

How to know which prices are the best on Black Friday?

During your search for the best deals, you will find many discounts for the same product in different shops. An easy way to find out which shop features the best discount is to use one of the many price-comparison websites or mobile apps available. With these, you can easily compare the offers of various shops that offer the same product. Remember to also calculate how far that shop is from your location, as sometimes you will waste more money on gas than you would save on a discounted product.

While you might think that a lower price for a given product is always better, many retailers will try to trap you by offering a stripped-down product. This most often happens with electronics, but be mindful of that whatever product you are searching for. Stripped-down products are items with removed necessary parts, like a TV set sold without a remote control or an electronic toy sold without batteries. Always read the advertisements and offers carefully to spot such traps.

How to make a proper shopping plan for Black Friday?

Creating a well-thought-through shopping plan for Black Friday can be a great help in getting the most of this crazy day. Many shoppers tend to just go out to the nearest mall, window shopping and looking for something they don’t yet know they want to buy. Instead of wasting your time and energy, create a shopping plan before the big day. Make a list of the products you need or want and start looking for discounts.

Apart from knowing what you want to buy, it is also important to know where to buy it. When looking for stores, prioritize those closest to you, as you can most often save more on gas than you would through a better discount found in a shop that is farther away from you. It can also be beneficial to know when the stores you are interested in have their biggest deals, as very often during Black Friday shops change their discounts throughout the day.

In addition, look for early-bird discounts and night owl discounts, as these might prove for even better deals than the promotions you will find during the rush hours. Even better – you can try looking through discounts that happen even before Black Friday, still during Thanksgiving Day. Moreover, many discounts start right at midnight, so if you are prepared to stay a bit later than you usually would, it might be a good idea to do so. Don’t forget about internet shopping – you don’t always have to physically be there in a store to catch a great deal!

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