Best Drones Under 100

 Drones have grown to become one of the 21st century’s best innovations; a wonderful breakthrough that has besieged the almost every section of human endeavor. Drones as we know it comes different sizes and shapes and serves different purposes as well, some come as a toy, some serve as a delivery instrument for courier companies, while some drones have been weaponized strictly used by the military or for flying ring security camera drone. Well, be it as it may, we are looking at the low priced drones, those drones you can buy with than a $100 and still have that (near) performance of those that are highly-priced.

1. Rabing Flying Car Quadcopter

The Rabing Flying Car Quadcopter is a simple drone with awesome features like four rolling wheels that allows it to accelerate on the ground, two punch of g RC driving quadcopter piloting. This drone is stylishly designed with bright multi-colored LED lights strategically placed at some part of its body. The drone is programmed to attain two flight modes: the Fly Mode and The Ground mode. The Fly Mode enables you to fly higher in the sky in a 360-degree flight effect, while the Ground Mode makes possible to fly an average distance above the ground. It is also equipped with a 2.4GHz control system which has a stronger anti-interference that facilitates a more powerful performance through a stronger signal and a 6-axis gyro for more stable flying performance. Other unique features of this drone are LED lights, a one key automatic return headless mode, a 3.7V 750 mAh battery strength, and a low-voltage alarm function that alerts users on when to charge up. This drone cost a little of $76. click here for know more about drones.

2. Tozo MJX X901 Mini Hexacopter

The Tozo MJX X901 Mini Hexacopter is a tiny 6-bladed drone, how its counterparts are gaining popularity with four drones Tozo has done out of its way to deliver more stable equipment by adding 2 more blades which are recommendable in a rough environment. The drone measures 0.8 by 3.8 by 3.4 inches (HWD) and has a 180mAh Li-Polymer battery that makes the drone stay up in the air for up to 7 minutes after a full charge. Tozo MJX X901 Mini Hexacopter is sold for $29.90.

3. DROCON Transformable Cool Big Size Drone

This transformable drone is built by Deacon®, the drone is built with a real-time FPV that allows users to view their videos from a high-definition aerial view which can also be viewed from your mobile device. The new improved 720p full HD camera helps you catch high-quality photos with a 120° wide-angle lens that captures your views. You can share the incredible scenery with friends. The special flight function embeds in the drone allows you to enjoy a real-time view from up to 150M distance; a perfect way to cover a wide view. Enjoy a 15 mins flight time with the help of a 1000mAh capacity battery. Just like most of its counterparts, the drone can be controlled from your smartphone device through a mobile App called “Flyingsee”, once it is activated, the Gravity Sensor Mode automatically triggers the whole system allowing users to take control of the drone by moving the app installed smartphone accordingly. Other features of the app include Battery Controller Alarm which alerts you when you need to recharge, One Key Take Off or Landing bottom, Propeller Protection which guides the rotating fan, 3D VR View that allows users switch and view the videos from a 3D VR headset, LED Lights that represents both remote controlled beacons and in-flight activity so it quite be noticeable in the night. This goes for $79.99 on the Amazon platform.


This 1.35 pounds $59 -$60 drone is equipped with a Wi-Fi FPV 720P HD camera as well as a 480P Button camera that enables it to cover a wide-angle. The 3D VR mode enables users to view video images in a 3D format on either a mobile device or VR headset. The drone’s dual Modular Batteries that have about 120mins charge time which can prolong your stay in flight for the next 6-8 mins in-flight per charge. The T TOPVISION drone has a control distance of about 150m and can be controlled via a 2.4GHz / WiFi APP remote control system.

Readers should note that drones differ in performance, the ones you see in the military sector is completely different and more advanced from what we listed above as they can cost you millions to acquire. You should also note that there are many other good drones out there that are worth less than $100 but the ones listed above are considered the most viable according to customer reviews.