Best Gel Polish

Good looking nails make your hands look elegant. However, it is not always easy to have them professionally done. It could take hours to see the perfect nails get done, yet many women just can’t help themselves but to go through the sometimes lengthy process of getting their nails done.  Whether it gets done by a professional nail technician or themselves. The problem does not stop when one gets to have the best-looking colors on their nails. Many would complain about seeing their nails getting chipped even after a few hours after having the pigment coated on their nails. That won’t happen if you have your nails coated with the best professional gel nail polish instead. So it is best to use the best gel polish you can find.

Normally nail lacquers only last a couple of days. After that you may need to get them redone. Not only is it costly but it also consumes several hours of your time to do. You do get to see your favorite color on your nails but you only get to enjoy them for a few days. All that will be left after a couple of days are nails that look ugly with discolored polish on them. It’s not at all pleasant to look at but you can’t just drop by the salon anytime you need to. You can’t do it yourself because it takes a while and most of you have very busy schedules.

Gel nail polish is just like pre-mixed acrylic polish. It is a formula with monomers and oligomers which remain in a semi-liquid/semi-solid state as the liquid has not yet polymerized. It still needs to be cured through a free radical reaction. This is done by placing the painted nails under a UV or LED lamp for the necessary amount of time. This causes the photoinitiator in the resin to react with the wavelengths produced by the lamp. Gel nail colors also contain stabilizers that help keep its luster longer than traditional lacquers, allowing your painted hands to look elegant longer than with traditional nail polish.

There are many gel nail polishes available on the market today, but not all are created equally. If you are here to find the best gel nail polish you can have on your nails, you’re in the right place. Valentino Pure Beauty has a vast selection of gel polishes and everything you’ll need to get your nails looking amazing. Valentino gel polishes offer the best of what gel nail polish could provide for your nails so you get to enjoy them on your nails for a longer period of time.

As you can see, there are many benefits of gel nail polish compared to traditional polishes. Wear once and you can flaunt gorgeous nails longer than you would think you could. With so many hues and styles available, even if it takes weeks before you might need a fresh coat of polish,, you might even want to change them sooner for more interesting looking shades and to change things up. Even with gel polish on your nails, you still need to manage them well so they will last as elegant as they are meant to be until the time when a new coat needs to replace the new.