Best Places to Visit in Turkey

When it comes to geographical location, Turkey is a very interesting country, as it straddles southeastern Europe and Asia. Despite this, it’s a predominantly Asian country, as the European section only accounts for three percent of the entire country. As a result, the majority of Turkey’s population identify as Muslim, meaning that the country is rich in religious culture. From Ramadan appeals to other Islamic traditions, Turkey is a cultural experience like no other. With stunning architecture, scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, and breath-taking mountains, there’s something for everyone in Turkey. So, what top locations should you be visiting if you find yourself in Turkey?


Never mind being one of the greatest cities in Turkey, Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world. Anyone who adores traveling needs to add Istanbul to their bucket list, or their travel journal will never be complete. Not only is Istanbul steeped in history with the likes of the grand Byzantine Basilica Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) and the Topkapı Palace of the Ottoman Sultans, but it’s also extremely modern. Whether you crawl the endless cafes and bars, visit Kadıköy, or even indulge in some contemporary art in Beyoğlu, you’re sure to enjoy Istanbul in its modern, as well as its reflective state. 


Cappadocia is regarded as a geological wonderland with stunning views; however, it was once a location in which the early Christians came alive in Anatolia. Today, the location is believed to be very romantic, as it’s filled with inviting cave restaurants and hotels, sunrise balloon rides, and all the champagne that you can drink. Although, if you’re more of an adventurer, the undulating rocks and green valleys are perfect for trail runners, mountain bikers, and hikers alike. Cappadocia has a stunning landscape from the sky, and this is something that every keen traveler should make a conscious effort to see. 

The Turquoise Coast

Turkey is also the perfect location for sunseekers, as there is a multitude of beaches, with the turquoise coast being just one. The Mediterranean coastline of Turkey between Fethiye and Antalya is packed full of sandy and sunny locations, ready to be relaxed in. However, these locations are also historically significant, with ancient civilizations that once inhabited these areas. Patara is widely known as one of Turkey’s best beaches, whilst Phaselis is regarded as the most picturesque, and Myra’s rock tombs are particularly interesting. Similarly, this location offers the Antalya Museum, which provides travelers with greater insight into the history of the region. 

The Eastern Black Sea and Kaçkar Mountains

Although the Black Sea isn’t especially welcoming in itself, you might be surprised by the appearance of the lush valleys that surround it and overlook it. Below these picturesque peaks is where the majority of Turkey’s hazelnuts and tea are produced. However, the highest peaks are utilized by tourists in order to access the most scenic views of the region. Prior to this, these peaks were used as summer pastures for livestock, but they have since been adopted by tourists to experience the traditional Black Sea cuisine and culture. Above these mountains, you’ll also find routes to explore for the most experienced hikers who are looking for a taste of adventure. 

Southeastern Anatolia 

Although it can oftentimes be overlooked, southeastern Anatolia is among the culinary and cultural hotspots of Turkey. Not only will you find museums here that showcase a unique collection of Roman mosaics, but you’ll also find authentic eateries to indulge in traditional cuisine. Furthermore, for those interested in history, you’ll have the opportunity to venture into Roman ruins and monasteries; there’s something for everyone.