Best Sport Physical Therapist Located in San Diego California

Athletes push themselves on the field and in training. As a result, they need the assistance of professionals to care for their bodies. If you’re an athlete, here’s what you should know about sports physical therapy in Murrieta.

What Does Sports Physical Therapy Look Like?

Physical therapy is an essential recovery step for anyone who sustains a serious injury or undergoes surgery. In both cases, patients must rest or risk interrupting the healing process. Depending on the severity of the injury, that can mean weeks or months of recuperation.

However, muscles lose strength and flexibility when you don’t use them. Physical therapists help patients regain both through exercises specifically designed to avoid re-injury. Working with a physical therapist can even help patients avoid complications.

Sports physical therapists help athletes in this way, but it’s only part of their job. Many therapists work with players in perfect health to help them become better at their sport.

Why Is Sports Physical Therapy Important?

Sports can be incredibly competitive, especially when scholarships and other incentives are on the line. Seeking Murrieta physical therapy helps athletes stay safe while pushing their limits.

In fact, coaches may recommend sports physical therapy to players who want to improve in a specific area, such as strength or flexibility. As medical professionals, sports physical therapists can provide essential guidance by understanding the human body and its abilities. The results are improved athletic performance, speedy recovery and injury prevention.

Improves Physical Performance

Even dedicated athletes with professional training may have areas of weakness. For example, one leg may be slightly weaker than the other. While this may not seem obvious or pose a problem in everyday life, it can make a significant difference on the field. Physical therapists can identify these issues and help players build up weaker muscles, which can improve balance and even prevent injury.

Physical therapists can also create cool-down sets to help athletes ease muscles after intense workouts. Exercise generally leaves muscles tense, which is why trainers recommend stretching before taking a break. Physical therapists can determine which muscle groups hold the most tension after a patient’s workout and provide stretches to address them.

Even with this maintenance, players may still experience pain due to vigorous exercise. While normal, this pain can still be distressing. A physical therapist can relieve pain with tailored treatments:

  • Dry needling
  • Taping
  • Hot packs
  • Ice baths

Treats and Prevents Injuries

Perhaps most importantly, sports physical therapists help athletes avoid and recover from injuries. Regular exertion can result in a variety of damage:

  • Torn ligaments
  • Muscle cramps
  • Strains

Incorrect form when exercising or playing sports increases the risk of these injuries. Often, athletes don’t even realize their form is slightly off since the motions have become second nature. It may not even be their fault; a prior injury or slight length difference in their legs can cause them to naturally move differently. Physical therapists recognize these minor issues and can help patients account for them.Searching for physical therapy near me is the first step toward safer and improved sports performance. If you love being active, it’s worth the investment, especially if you have teammates counting on you.