Best Textured Tile Options for Your Home

Choosing the tiles for home is a make or break decision that everyone has to face at one point or another. Tiles with a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures are getting a lot of attention from homeowners around the world.

The fact that tiles are getting inexpensive with the progress of technology, especially laser technology, is a cherry on top!

According to statistics, textured tiles of choice were the most trending in the tiles industry. So, sit tight, because we are here to make a good argument in favor of you choosing textured tiles for your home over other kinds of tiles.

Benefits of Textured Tiles

The benefits of textured tiles are highly associated with your interior style preference, so it’s safe to say that this is subjective. Nevertheless, there are textured tiles for every kind of look that you want to give to your bedroom wall, kitchen floor, or even bathroom! There are still some pros that will differentiate textured tiles from other kinds of tiles.

●     Clean Appearance

Textured tiles can be an excellent way to hide scratches and other kinds of stains since dust and scratches tend to blend in with the rusty look of textured tiles. The linear style textured tiles can also make sure to give that clean appearance a bit more subtlety. Here’s a good textured tile option.

●     Perfect for Wet Areas

Spaces that tend to get wet quickly need tiles that can dry the water very rapidly, and these textured tiles can do precisely that. It’s especially suitable for entry areas, kitchen floors, and shower floors!

●     Exquisite Look

Textured tiles make your home interior come alive with its three-dimensional look, making sure that the walls of your home don’t look boring. It’s hard to go wrong with textured tiles because of the high range of choices you get and how ravishing they can look in your home!

●     Versatile Use

Whether you want to stylize your home with a custom color palette, give it a natural look, or any kind of style or space you name. You can always find the perfect shape, style, and size of textured tiles that you are looking to fit in your home.

Best Textured Tiles for your Home

Choosing what kind of textured tile best suits your home can be hard, especially with the variety of choices available to you right now. But, we have crammed it down to only four of the best options, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

●     Linear Tiles for a Modern-day Look

Brushstroke tiles, also known as linear tiles, are becoming the go-to tiles for homeowners wanting a modern-day clean look. The thick grout lines help give a symmetrical look as well as make the process of cleaning the tiles easier for you!

An additional perk of this kind of tiles includes that it can easily make your room look bigger and more spacious.

●     Wood Effect Tiles for a Pastoral Look

Want a very natural looking countryside look for your home? Wood effect tiles should be your preference. Even if you don’t want a totally wooden effect, there are wooden textures available in other colors (grey, for example), which bring out a modern and minimalistic look in your home.

This kind of tiles is also simple to maintain because it comes without the harsh effects of conventional textured tiles.

●     Mosaic Tiles for a Rustic Look

Textured mosaic tiles can be fun to use in hallways and areas which can be quickly crowded in your home. It’s hard to not use this kind of tiles when it comes to creating a statement with tiny tiles.

But, beware as these tiles can be hard to maintain as they have firm textures. But, it can easily withstand a lot of crowds and are more durable than other textured tiles.

●     Wave Tiles for a Calming Look

Ever seen those commercials with amazing bathroom interiors? Chances are, all of those bathrooms in the ads had the trendy wave tiles that can give your bathroom walls a superior look.

This kind of tile can bring a calming effect to any of your rooms’ interior, being the kind of versatile tile that it is.

Textured Tiles for Every Room

●     Kitchen Space

Kitchen spaces require the kind of attributes that only textured tiles possess. It can easily withstand pressure, and it quickly dries a wet floor.

●     Dining Space

Dining spaces are essential for family gatherings, parties, and numerous other events. And as a host, you don’t want to slack off when it comes to making your dining space look slick!

●     Living Room

Whether you want your living room to look spacious or you just want a particular style that suits your taste, textured tiles are there to save you from all the hassle and indecision.

●     Bedroom

People almost always go for a clean, minimal, modern look when it comes to their bedroom. With the brushstroke style, also known as the linear style possessing a great minimalist, modern look, you can never go wrong.

●     Bathroom

When it comes to choosing floor tiles for your bathroom or shower, other requirements come before the aesthetics. First and foremost is the ability to be non-slippery. The high-density texture in textured tiles can make sure you have a firm grip as well as a great look!

Cons of Textured Tiles

It is common knowledge that textured tiles are high maintenance because of the high density of textures. Apart from that, textured tiles are superior to any other tiles in terms of durability, style, and budget!

If you are still not convinced, you can easily switch to tiles with wider grout lines. Wider grout lines are far easier to clean and manage than textured tiles with narrow grout lines.

To Wrap It Up

Home is where we spend most of our time, and it is also the place closest to our hearts. So, it is natural that we tend to be thoughtful and creative when it comes to interior design. The process of choosing tiles without any prior knowledge of it can be a hell-like experience.

So, if you are not looking to spend a horrifying time on the basics of interior tiles, then this should be your ultimate guide to choosing the tiles of your choice.