Best time of year to ship your car to Florida

be pondering how to transport a car, and what is the ideal time of the year to ship your car. Various parts of life are periodic. Obviously, you may not have full control of your moving schedule when it’s a move done by your business or a household move. But, if you have the flexibility to choose your particular timetable, you have the possibility to shop around to find a car shipping company that can help you transport a car to your new location. 

Like a lot of other industries, auto transport is a seasonal business. The seasonality of the vehicle moving industry is confirmation that there are sufficient options to look out for all year round. Let’s discuss those several aspects that help to determine the ideal time of the year to move a car.

Does it Matter when the Best Time of the Year to Ship a Car is?

Obviously, it does… Car transport companies that specialize in Florida car transport service are open throughout the year, and most of them would favor certain flexibility when you move your vehicle. Eventually, you want to ship your vehicle when you need to do it. But if you can plan it around the off-peak seasons, you are guaranteed to save on the economic law of supply and demand. If you are receiving moving assistance from your service provider, the fee is not a big deal.

The price of shipping your car is calculated by the number of snowbirds and gasoline prices. During the summer, many people hit the highway. That means the demand for gasoline rises, and by itself, fuel prices increase. 

When the winter season is in close by and begins its decent into the northern areas in late fall and early winter, the snowbirds begin to head south. At that point, auto transport companies receive numerous emails and phone calls inquiring how to ship a car to another state. While few of them use their RVs to travel down, they generally hire car transporters to transport their automobiles south. When spring peaks around the corner, they need their cars shipped back north. Because of this, there is a higher demand for car transport services, and as a result, it causes charges to surge. 

But there’s a caution: Fees will only be higher if you move your vehicle in the same route as everyone else. If you are transporting a car in the opposed route, you will in fact pay lower than the original prices.

Seasonality naturally causes car transportation costs to fluctuate by around 12-18% all during that time of year. The best time of the season to ship your car is when it suits you best. Lacking a solid reason to turn from your plan, it is certainly best to stick to your early favorites. 

Determining for yourself: What is the ideal time of the year to move your car

You may need car transport services when you want them. But if you have flexibility in your plan, it’s vital to have these facts in mind.

Moving a car to Florida, what is the best time then?

Are you shipping a car to Florida? Florida has long been known for its tropical breezes, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sultry summer climate, sandy shores and the odor of salty sea air. During the Snowbird period, Normally from October to February, the costs to transport a car, for example from New York to Florida rise with high demand.  But you may grab a great package moving in the reverse direction, from Florida to New York, as automobile haulers are looking for cars to ship as they are coming back north.  While In the spring, the reverse is true, and you may grab best deals transporting a car from New York to Florida.