Best VPS Hosting Provider In 2023 Review

With regularly growing traffic, shared hosting will give more downtime to your website. It results in lower rankings even with better SEO implementation. Shared hosting is best to use for beginner sites where low traffic can easily be handled, plus it is cost-effective. With high traffic to your website, it is compulsory to go with VPS hosting because it has dedicated resources. With VPS hosting, your resources will not be shared with anyone and you can set up your server in whatever way you want.

VPS hosting gives flexibility and is highly reliable for millions of traffic. Due to its dedicated resources, you can configure the environment and can easily add any third-party software you want. However, there are plenty of VPS hosting providers available in the market but among them is on top due to its 99.9% uptime, large storage, bandwidth, multiple features that are not available in any other VPS hosting. Below we have discussed completely about


BlueVPS started to solve the issues of web hosting. In the market, VPS hosting packages were really expensive which gave BlueVPS enough space to gain popularity in the market. They accepted the challenge and provides high-quality KVM virtualization backend servers with maximum resources at affordable price. It packages are suitable for low as well as high website traffic that needs extra resources. Moreover, you can configure the OS, add more security, create CDN to speed up website, configure environment, choose between Softaculous and many more features.

BlueVPS has servers in almost all over the world and is operating in different languages including Russia and English. Their hosting works with both Windows and Linux operating system. The best thing about them is set up process is very easy and they have dedicated 24/7 customer support where you can get help anytime. The experts are there to solve any issue you are facing no matter its in software, hardware, VNC access or components.

BlueVPS Software

BlueVPS gives you both options, Linux or Windows based OS. You are allowed to choose any one among them and can experience their features while doing configurations. The KVM virtualization feature is included that ensures dedicated resources will be given per VPS account. While using kernel-based virtual machine, physical hardware resources can be shared with VPS.

BlueVPS Hardware

The has the best hardware components in the market. Their solid state discs which are installed on all servers to avoid delayed loading time. To get the latest technology, you can choose NVMe SSD servers in the package. BlueVPS installed high performance Intel and AMD server processors so you get maximum efficiency while working on website. The RAMs are installed according to the package you select. Each package has more than enough hardware resources for smooth experience.

VNC Access

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a modern technology that offers you to access the internet in any part of the world. BlueVPS hosting includes VNC Access, which allows user to remotely access the control over the server from any other computer from anywhere in the world. You need to activate another full-fledged computer equipped with keyboard and mouse to manage the server. The VNC software works best with MAC OS X, Linux, and Windows. For another computer, cross platform compatibility has not issue so you can access the server without any trouble.


Because websites have audience from all around the world so its better to choose the right data centre that is close to your audience. It improves your website loading and response time. Moreover, has data centers in all over the world including Poland, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Estonia, Cyprus, France, Germany, England, Israel, Spain, United States, and many more. You can choose the server from any of the location mentioned above to boost your loading speed and present better results to your audience. It resolves performance issue by selecting desired region.

Customer Support

BlueVPS has 24/7 customer support where you can get help if stuck in any problem. They don’t have phone support which is a drawback but still they are available 24/7 on ticket support. The support team will quickly respond to your ticket and will let you know how they plan to overcome the problem you are facing. They do their best to solve the problem in few minutes and keep you informed about the time they want.However, they must add phone support.


To sum up, is the best VPS hosting provider in the market with modern technology and features in affordable price. It is the right solution for medium to high-sized website traffic. The dedicated resources with 99.9% uptime and 10 countries data centers makes it good to go hosting. There are two operating system options available Linux and Windows to choose from. High-quality KVM virtualization backend server, VNC access, and other amazing features make it top VPS hosting in the world.