Best Way To Choose A Led TV


The landscape related to television continues to evolve every few months with the rise of new technologies. These innovative features enhance and enrich the viewing experience including the picture quality, content and panel. Currently, one of the best examples of this phenomenon remains the popularity of LED TV worldwide. Also known as LED-backlight LCD television, LED TV’s are a type of LCD or liquid crystal display panel that uses LEDs or light-emitting diodes to backlight the display rather than CCFLs or cold cathode fluorescent lights that is used in a normal LCD TV.

With the increasing popularity of LED TV in the worldwide market, more and more manufacturers are introducing products and models in this category; hence it becomes very difficult for users to choose the best possible product for their personal and professional use.

Some Innovative Features in LED TV

Popular electronics brands increasingly are introducing the latest LED TV models in the market and it is becoming gradually difficult for a lay customer to distinguish between them and purchase the best possible model for their home or workplace. However, the user needs to determine the usage of LED TV and then look for relevant technology before making their choice. The TV monitor has many uses such as playing video games, editing images, or watching videos or programs.  Some innovative features present in LED TV that serve to enhance the viewing experience are as follows.

4K TVs

One of the coveted innovations in LED TV is a TV with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or 2160p. This type of panel offers 4K display quality that takes the viewing experience to an altogether another level. In addition to that, with this feature, it becomes easy for professionals to edit images, use graphics, as well as play games during leisure times.

HDMI technology

Also known as High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI can be described as a proprietary video/audio interface for transmission of uncompressed or compressed digital audio or video through an HDMI compliant source electronic devices such as computer monitor, digital television, or video projector. The use of this technology in a product enables higher and variable refresh rate of the screen and is useful for hardcore gaming, viewing adventure movies, as well as editing videos. All LED TV’s of today should possess an HDMI port, since its mandatory for watching HD content.

IMA Enhanced Certification Entertainment Program

Created with the collaboration between IMAX and DTS, the IMAX Enhanced certification program offers a considerable improvement to HDR technology related to quality assurance for sound for 4K content and HDR. According to the experts, the LED TV’s that have IMAX Enhanced logo has better quality sound and display than the non-compliant LED TV’s.

Variable Refresh Rates

Described as the number of times a TV refreshes its image per second and is counted in hertz or Hz, the feature related to the refresh rate is an important technology currently available in the market. With a variable refresh rate, the TV screen can avoid screen tearing and maintain a consistent frame rate, a necessary requirement for hard-core gaming, watching movies or streaming media through Netflix or Amazon Prime. In addition to that, it also enhances the quality of the transmission of movies and TV programs.

Hybrid Log Gamma

The technology related to HLG or Hybrid Log-Gamma can be described as an HDR broadcast format developed during a collaboration between NHK and the BBC and offers another altogether level of clarity and colour for the viewers. Further, this technology retains the capability of displaying both HDR and SDR standard.


When choosing a LED TV for your home or office, it is difficult for many of you to narrow down to the one which has the best bang for the buck. This article makes this choice easier by offering information about various innovative technologies and features in the current LED TV’s available in the market. It’s recommended that you select the brand which has at least some of the aforementioned technologies integrated into the product so that you can not only get a better viewing experience, you can future-proof your LED TV as well.