Biocentrism Debunked: Robert Lanza’s Theory of Time and Space

From time to time we see numerous theories coming from scientists. Just like, Biocentrism theory is also one of the attention seekers for people. Is it a legit theory or just a Myth? Hope everyone wants to know about it, but the explanation of the theory is still continuing.

However, some people are taking it just as a Myth. Whereas a few groups are referring to this theory as a legitimate one. Now before anyone judges the myth or reality, it is important to understand its fundamentals and acknowledge the evidence. Just like this theory doesn’t have much evidence, it is called Debunked or Biocentrism Debunked.

This article will talk about the basics and the key points of the Biocentrism theory. If it is a myth, then I will break it. This content is an individual perception with the collected information from the experts. If you are on the other side of it, you can keep your perception and don’t follow our recommendations. 

What About Biocentrism?

Biocentrism is a theory that was given by biologist and environmentalist Dr. Richard Sylvan in 1970 which means that time and space are not real but are the only thing that an observer does. This theory was almost rejected and called a myth at that time. Later in 2007, it was further classified by a Scientist named Robert Lanza. 

Robert Lanza is a renowned American Scientist and Author who has created various books that refer to his research and theories. He is also awarded in the list of top 50 thinkers of the world. His Biocentrism Theory is the most talked about and attention seeker, unfortunately, it was called a Debunked or just a myth.

The Biocentrism theory is about the life of humans and its connection with space. Robert Lanza’s Modified Biocentrism suggests that space and time do not exist in reality but an observer’s mind is the place where it belongs. It means he wants to say that space and time are nothing but an observation.

Is Biocentrism Debunked?

Biocentrism Debunked? Yes, it is a true statement that it is debunked. After vast research and gathering evidence from numerous theories, it was not proven as a legitimate theory. However, it was considered and stamped as a false theory or a myth. Still, some crowds are in it’s favor.

But the truth is that the theory has been classified as a wrong perception. Robert Lanza’s modified theory and the previous concepts, all were called for the debunked. The vast majority of the people who had read it have declared it as just a myth. But still, the theory continued its explanation.

Robert Lanza believes that it would be proven to be the right perception, after more modification in it, he wants to say that he will further collect the information and will do a vast research on it to make it a true perception. Additionally, the future will decide whether it is true or considering it just a myth. 

Does Biocentrism Theory have a Tendency to Prove?

Considering a Theory right or wrong is always a challenging step for the modifiers or the scientist. Some theories may be false by it’s start while some get proven even after a long time. Just like the other theories or our experience, we think that this theory, Biocentrism,  may be proven at a time in the Future.

Now things are so complicated and it is just new for the scientists, any theory does not get approval until it’s tested and proven 100%. Despite massive support, Biocentrism has not yet been proven to be a legit theory. However, there are some key points about this theory that are accepted as a correct statement.

Various points tend to make it happen. This theory may be proved as a correct perception in the future. If we think for ourselves, it seems true. But in the eyes of scientists, it’s yet right until it’s proven in reality. So, as the previous theories were called for correct even after 100s of years, this might be the next one for us to accept.


Is Biocentrism Debunked? Are you also one of those who is conscious to know, whether it’s a right perception or wrong? Well, we all are on that list, when the news was out about the theory of biocentrism. Everyone was willing to know its ground reality. However, a theory does not get provided until it is classified by other renewed scientists.

Biocentrism was considered just as a misconception after its classification and the analysis. Despite major support, it was not called the correct perception. There were so many challenges for the scientists to accept. Furthermore, Robert Lanza has not yet accepted the result of the theory.

Robert Lanza is still committed to his perception and wants to prove it a right observation. In the future, he might come out with some more evidence-based collected information. However, the news has not yet come out in his favor. Though he is trying and might prove the theory right.

There is a good percentage of the crowd who are in favor of Robert Lanz’s Theory and they are predicting it would be proven. However, the theory has been studied for more years but still, there is not any latest update from the case. Now we all are consciously waiting for the updates from Robert Lanzaa.