Buying a ping pong paddle: What you need to know

Numerous people think that buying aping pong paddle is an easy task, what they don’t know is that there are any factors they need to consider before picking one a good ping pong paddle is a basic tool regardless of whether you are playing the game with your friends or you are training to be a professional. Below are the features you should take into consideration when buying a table tennis racket;

Game Style

The style of play is the first factor you have to consider when buying your rackets. If it’s your first time to play ping pong, buy a paddle that you will feel comfortable with, a paddle that will help you play the game with ease. For a player who is improving, you have to choose a paddle that will assist you to improve the game and be better and for a professional player, buy a paddle that will improve and boost your playing style and your skills. Numerous it have a comprehensive design that can suit any ping pong player of any level.


Another factor to look out for is the grip. Table tennis rackets come with different grips, so it’s upon the player to choose what he/she wants. There are two types of grips, ergonomic and flare handles grips. When you want to have a good control during your backhand game, the paddles with an ergonomic grip is the best, but when you want a best paddle that is designed to suit any style of play, choose flare handles, they are also best when one wants to play in advanced game competitions.


The Power of the racket is another factor that you have to consider, the power rating will determine how you will play and the style. A table tennis racket with a higher power rating is highly preferred since it reflects the amount of energy absorbed by the racket when returning a shot. When the rating is high, less power will be incorporated hence the return shot will be great. For a defensive table tennis player, this high power will not be favorable since it has less control. When looking for a table tennis racket, check the power rating and buy one that suits you.


It is found in the center of the ping pong racket. The blade will aid in determining the power and control. When searching for a racket, take one made of wood. The best racket has a blade made up of various layers of wood, usually blended with carbon and synthetic fibers. The blades vary a lot in terms of weight and the specifications can be adapted to your style of play.


This is another thing that you ought to pay extra attention to you will soon realize that ping pong paddles are accessible in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes. When you want a paddle with a high speed, buy a paddle that has a light weight, and when looking for paddle that you can easily control, a heavier paddle is best. The heavier ping pong paddle is as well suitable for a new player.

The Rubber

When considering this factor, observe the thickness of the rubber of every racket. This will greatly influence the way you will control the ball. When you want a racket that has a higher spin, buy one with a softer rubber and a firmer rubber and thick texture paddle is for those players who want to attack. When you want a paddle that will give good control of the ball, consider a paddle with a thin sponge measuring 2mm or less.


If you are on a tight budget, select a paddle that you can afford and that suits the style of play. There are numerous ping pong paddles that are cheap and affordable yet suitable. Always look one that you can afford without overspending. For example, according to this guide, you can find high quality ping pong rackets for less than $20. 


As you can see, buying a ping pong paddle is not a simple task and relies on a number of things that you have to look for it is important to keep in mind that there are various kind of ping pong paddles that can suit your style of play and preferences. Always pick an appropriate table tennis rackets for your game.

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