Camping at Dawki, Redefine the expectation of solo camping

Take out some time from your regular monotonous life and experience the tunes of hurrying water, flight of feathered friends, and hustle of leaves and freshness of lush green.

Meghalaya is one of the most picturesque states especially in tourism.  Once you are here, the winding roads will take you to marvelous scenery at every single turn, thereby making the road trip ever memorable. Many people are aware of Meghalaya but not known to the hidden spots that make for amazing memories. One such place is Dawki, known for the boat ride, green river and the natural flora all around.

The beauty of Dawki will hold you forever to this place and will never let you go. Dawki and its river Umngot should be a must visit in your travel list, if you visit Meghalaya, sandwiched between India and Bangladesh.  Umngot is also the venue for annual boat race organized during March-April at Umsyiem.

Bamboo cottages stand erect in the deserted and undisturbed location and offer a comfy stay with double beds and carpeted floor to provide you an ultimate camping experience in Dawki.

When you will advance out of the camp, the mellow sand under your feat will de-stress you, making you feel heavenly. If you are also looking forward to unwind yourself in the lap of nature, camping at Dawki would never turn out to be a bad decision.

Best time to visit Dawki

You can visit Dawki whenever you have time as it is a year round destination. The climate remains pleasant throughout the year. The town located in Jaintia Hills is blessed with greenery all around. The winters here are comparatively colder than summers. So, if you plan to visit the place in winter, make sure you keep warm clothes to keep yourself safe. Otherwise the temperature remains delightful the year round.

Weather of Dawki

The weather is hotter than Shillong and Chirapunji. In winters the temperature varies from 24 degree Celcius to 11 degree celcius, whereas, in summer the temperature varies from 35 degrees Celcius to 20 degree Celcius.

You should not visit Dowki during the rainy season. You will never be able to experience the crystal clear water when the sky pours. Also, many water sports are prohibited during rains.

Travel around Dawki

Camping at Dawki alone won’t serve the purpose of the trip. Exploring and visiting new places should be on the top of the list to redefine the whole camping experience. If you wish to travel around Dawki, visit Khasi hills. Khasi hills also known as HimaKhyrim are a part of Garo-Khasi range in Meghalaya. Dawki is a place full of surprises. You will also get to learn about different cultures of the region which will make your visit rich with experiences.

How to reach Dawki?

It is not difficult to reach Dawki. You can travel by train, by road or by air as per your convenience.

About camping

Once you reach Dawki, you can camp anywhere by the riverside at a place called Shnongpden. It is a few minute drive from Dawki.

Under the starry night with full moon overlooking from above, you can relish the astounding ambiance. To spend days and nights, you can purchase tents which are available at a cost of about Rs 400 per head per night.

On feeling cold, you can even light a bonfire near the river side with chairs around and sit for as long as you want. While I was camping at Dawki, I realized that I have reached the place at a full moon night and from the place I was taken across the river over a wire bridge.

The scene was mesmerizing as the bridge was swinging with the flowing wind and on the either sides of the bridge, there were hills interlocking to form gorge from where the river passes.

The bridge entering into the abyss of thick woods could not be seen after a certain moment. When I reached the other end, I along with others was taken through the rough rocky path to the camp site. The experience was entirely rich and soulful. Take a few things like camping tables to enjoy the nature in the fullest.

Activities to do

If you are adventurous, you can even enjoy some of the adventurous sports like snorkeling, cliff jumping, zip lining and kaya king.

For all shopaholics and foodies

While being in Dawki, you can shop for succulent oranges. There is no such commercialized market in the vicinity. The place only offers you more of nature than amenities. So, it is advisable to keep yourself aloof from the materialistic things and relish the gift of nature.

Tickle your taste buds with food at Dawki

If you are a foodie and like to relish different cuisines, food at Dawki will provide you such experience. At Dawki, try out delectable Meghalayan delicacies like Makham-Bitchi, Jadoh, JhurSideh. Apart from the aforesaid dishes, taste the sweets and luscious oranges, for which Dawki is famous.

Other places to visit

The list of places you can visit while being in Dowki are as follows:

  • Borhill Falls
  • Sinbad’s Island
  • Jaflong Zero Point
  • DawkiTamabil Border Crossing

Take precautions

  • Bring odomos or any other mosquito repellant creamalong with comfortable foot wares.
  • Toilets are outdoor but well covered with proper water supply.
  • Telephone signals of Airtel, Aircel and some times of BSNL are available.
  • Prefer going on weekdays as weekends get crowded by the localities.
  • Availability of electricity is not there but managers will arrange for hanging solar lights.
  • Beware of the big red ants. Rest the place is free from reptiles like snakes and other animals.

A rendezvous with nature and comfort at the same time would nothing be short of a revitalizing experience. Also remember even if the networks of aforesaid companies are available, internet will be scarce.

All that I can say is – wherever you go, go with all your heart and you will enjoy every moment more than you expected. Live in the lap of nature and cherish the memories forever.