Can Horoscope Predict the Future?

This is a common question posed by many – can horoscopes predict the future?We all read horoscopes and are curious to find out what the day or month or year holds for us. When faced with adversity, Indians, especially Hindus, seek the guidance of an astrologer who analyses our horoscopes and provides predictions. So, let us explore the question ‘can horoscopes predict the future’ in detail.

What are horoscopes?

The word ‘horoscope’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Horoscopus’ meaning observer of the hour (of birth). This was used by the Greeks to determine the time to harvest and plant their crops. In India, we follow Indian Vedic Astrology which uses the prevailing Moon sign as opposed to the western astrology which depends on Sun signs. However, both forms of astrology help to improve an individual’s life be it education, career, marriage, relationships, wealth, etc. Indian horoscopes are mainly interpreted based on the lagna and the rising sign or ascendant at the time of birth. For this, it considers not just the date of birth but the time and place of birth as well. Western astrology, on the other hand, does not consider time and place of birth for its predictions. check your daily horoscope.

JanamKundli – the Indian Horoscope

In India, horoscopes are popularly referred to as JanamKundli or JanamPatri and are based on Vedic astrology. The horoscopes are prepared with accurate details of date, time and place of birth of a child. This gives an accurate picture of the position of the celestial bodies at the time of birth and their influences in the child’s life span. The Kundli is the key reference to predict various life events such as education, career, wealth, marriage, etc. It provides information on the personality traits and characteristics of the individual along with various yogas, dasas, doshas and apaharas that prevail during the entire life span.

What constitutes the Indian Horoscope?

Horoscopes are prepared considering the positions of the ninegrahas (planets), the lagna (ascendant), 12 rashis (signs) and27 nakshatras (stars) at the time of birth. Vedic astrology considers the individual’s moon sign for preparing theIn-depth horoscope online. The key components of the horoscope include Panchanga predictions, bhava predictions, yogas, favourable and unfavourable periods, as well as remedial measures to overcome the difficulties that the individual may face. It reveals the personality traits and temperaments of the individual as well as predicts the favourable periods for major life events such as marriage, the possibility of starting a business, wealth forecasts, etc. The important aspect of the horoscope is that it provides an insight into the potential challenges as well as checks for Kuja, Rahu and Ketudoshathat may affect the individual and suggests various remedial measures and recommendations to overcome the difficulties caused by these malefic planets.

Horoscope as a means to problem-solving

Indians refer the horoscopes to solve problems that occur during their life. People are in constant search of happiness, love, peace and success in their life; however, certain things remain mysterious to our understanding and we try to obtain solutions or answers to our questions. While many may find answers to their questions on their own, some of us do turn to the astrologers to seek answers. Sometimes, despite our best efforts and calibre, we are still far away from our success that we deserve and we often wonder why. Horoscopes provide answers to these questions to a certain extent. It analyses the position of the planets and other celestial bodies and predicts their influences on our life.Horoscopes also provide insights into the major life events such as marriage, love and relationship as well as career. Majority of the Indian household match Kundli of prospective bride and groom before solemnising the marriage. This is done to check the compatibility of the couple and to understand the marital life and the possibility of bearing a progeny. We often seek the services of an astrologer to know the favourable periods before undertaking any journey, performing auspicious rituals, buying vehicles, understanding the optimum career choice, love relationships, etc. Horoscopes can accurately predict these events if correct information regarding the birth details are provided while preparing the horoscope.