Can I Buy BTC in Person?

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies because of its potential to generate high yields for investors. Even those joining the world of crypto investment for the first time are looking to buy BTC because of its popularity. However, despite the various options available for buying BTC online, many investors still want to know if it is possible to buy BTC in person.

Most crypto transactions are conducted online using crypto exchanges. However, some investors prefer making transactions in person because they are skeptical of any online methods. You can end up losing all your funds; especially if you do not have a good understanding of conducting online transactions because there are people with malicious intentions waiting to prey on you.

Luckily, now it is possible to buy BTC with cash, although the concept of how to buy BTC online is not difficult to grasp either if you dedicate some time to understanding it. Buying bitcoin in person is one of the quickest and most private methods available. Here are ways on how you can do it.

Can I buy BTC in person using crypto exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the leading platforms in terms of the volume of crypto transactions recorded each day. They are platforms that allow users to buy Bitcoin online (and other digital currencies as well). Some exchanges host wallets which means you can buy and store Bitcoin as well. You can use numerous crypto exchanges to buy BTC, but it isn’t always easy to find one that allows you to buy Bitcoin in person.

However, when you use some of the best exchanges such as NakitCoins, you can buy BTC both online and in person. You can walk into NakitCoins’ physical offices with cash and buy Bitcoin in person. You will need to create an account using only your email address, and then you can proceed. You will also need to have a wallet address where you will store your bitcoins.

Buy bitcoin in person using peer to peer exchanges

In the past, people wondered how to buy cryptocurrency online, but with the many risks involved, options for purchasing crypto in person are being searched for. One of the top options available to buy BTC in person is peer-to-peer exchange platforms. These platforms enable you to locate a seller in your region who is also willing to accept cash as a mode of payment.

You can opt to conduct the transaction without ever meeting the seller, but you can also arrange to meet in person. When scheduling a meeting, ensure you meet at a public place or a place you feel safe. You can have a friend accompany you to make the deal because you do not know the person you are meeting.

Buy BTC in person using bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are another top option for buying BTC quickly, privately, and in person. The only downside is that Bitcoin ATMs are not available in all regions and usually charge a higher transaction fee compared to using crypto exchanges. There is, however, the advantage of privacy and no verification procedures that come with using bitcoin ATMs.

The Takeaway

If you are looking to avoid the various risks of buying BTC online, doing so in person is your best bet. If you are making a payment using cash, utilize escrow services to minimize the chances of one party scamming the other. Buying Bitcoin in person is quick, easy, and provides a great deal of privacy.