Chinese Horoscope for June 2020


The changes you planned can now be put into action. Finances will improve, status and recognition begins to show. Personal areas warn against being stubborn or being undiplomatic. Chances for foreign travel begin to materialize, whether for holiday or work. All this for the first 21 days. The last 9 days bring further progress, and allow you to take charge. By all means, communicate freely, ask favours.


 A perfect opportunity to implement changes of any kind, except that you will need support, so refrain from being stubborn. You will meet opposition in areas of career or business, but can override them. A pleasant meeting can lead to a quick romance. Career, business areas produce a new direction. All this for the first 19 days. After that, teamwork becomes important. A chance for travel comes unexpectedly.


According to ChineseZodiacSecrets,  many of your plans will  get short-circuited. Make sure you can finish what you undertake. An argument leads to a quick break-out, guard your sharp tongue. A past love affair begins to trouble you. Insecurity in finances comes about due to a broken promise, or unexpectedly losing a contract. All this for the first 19 days. After that, you can form a new partnership, receive new finances or meet a new possibility in personal affairs.


 Finally, you can meet your goal, or at least reach a pinnacle of success especially if you are 29, 30, 38, 39 of age. Other ages do well, but may have to incorporate some change however painful. Areas of finance become positive, while love situations get settled. All this for the first 20 days. After that, an expansion or reward awaits you. Status improves, recognition is seen. Expect news from afar or a foreign contact that stems unexpected travel.


 The opportunity comes when you can change partners whether in personal areas or in business. A positive relocation in career areas brings expansion, perhaps a new boss charms you. The possibility of a family enlargement is seen. All this for the first 19 days. After that, your popularity heightens, recognition comes. Socialise freely, ask favours, mix business and pleasure because you get what you want.


 A disaster can strike due to an argument getting out of hand. Travel cautiously, look towards protecting your home as well. A past personal problem can revisit you. A fast period when you need to plan cautiously or everything gets short-circuited. All this for the first 18 days. After that, good news come especially in areas of career or business. A good time to plan travel. Much unexpectedness is seen, so control your impulsiveness.


 A difficult month when love affairs get tested. Control temper and arrogance or you will meet an even stronger force. Past difficulties revisit you especially in love areas. Control the urge to get trapped again. Career and business areas weaken quickly after the 17th when everything can get worse. Re-evaluate all plans because the going gets tough. Travel cautiously, and stay away from anyone aggressive.


The tide turns against you this month. All areas in your life are under threat. Control temper and stay away from tempting offers which may ensnare you into further problems. The unexpected begins to take place, so research all plans before making a move. Travel cautiously, beware robbers and thieves. All this for the first 20 days. After that, situations can become worse, with your status or recognition being challenged, making you the loser.


 Many opportunities that help you with expansion or winning status come freely this month. Love affairs abound, so socialize freely, ask favours, communicate. News from afar is good, or a foreign contact helps you prosper. You have the chance to fill in a new position, and to increase your authority. A legal case can be won, while you can champion the cause of others. An exciting month that brings good changes.


 The first 20 days warn against opposition that can overthrow your authority, while a past problem revisits you to haunt you of a past involvement. Avoid any form of aggression. Career and business areas weaken quickly, while the pressure intensifies in areas of love. The last 11 days bring a weakening of plans, so control your ego, and avoid impulsive moves. Legal areas are not sound, bad news come.


 Whatever you try, may rebound against you, weakening the chances of winning recognition, or losing hope in a love affair. You can be played out in financial areas. Some danger of an accident is seen. Minimize travel. A foreigner or foreign news is troublesome. The entire month leads to further problem in all areas. Best to lie low, control arrogance, and minimize any exposure to risk.


 Opportunities abound in all areas of your life this month. Whatever changes you make, profits or recognition will come. Travel plans heighten, or foreign news may lead to a new involvement in business areas. Socialize freely, mix business and pleasure, and new partnerships are formed. A real chance of a long tie-up does exist, brings more security of all kinds. Your popularity improves, brings social recognition.