What is a Clevo Nh70?

Which factor causes to design Clevo NH 70? Now, look at the brief description to understand further.Clevo NH80 launched a gaming based model named as Clevo NH70. Both of them designed and launched through company in Taiwan, while NH80 and NH70 contains small difference. It’s a game based laptop specifically, and providing few adjustments for productivity factor. Moreover, its display screen is small but CPU and GPU are very effective and powerful. While, Clevo NH70 comes up with high performance gaming capability and providing more advanced features. As, it cannot be able to replace with your workstation or college work laptop. Instead of using PC, it’s basically formed for play high end games with new and affordable system and enjoying advance features.

To make differ from ordinary laptop, every new model laptop comes up with few advance features that make them exceptional. Besides it, the manufacturer makes it super excellent having good integration with hardware and software. However, we provide every information about Clevo NH70 in this article. Now, a brief description helps you understanding the system.

What makes you choose Clevo NH70?

Most preferred laptops for high end gamers is Clevo NH70 in market nowadays. Image and display quality is excellent having pixels 127.3 PPI and GPU NIVIDA GeForce GTX 1650.

You will amaze with good audio quality having excellent speakers. It involves 8GB RAM and Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor chipset come up for consistent and an effortless experience.  On the contrary, Clevo NH70 gives you a fully functional system to enjoy gaming without resistance.

Advance Features of Clevo NH70:

Resolution, Display & Weight:

The system has fully matte finishing screen of 17.3 inch display and providing amazing resolution 3840 × 2160. Instead of other similar systems, thermal of Clevo NH70 is popular for HD display and vivid colors. Its crystal HD display makes it enjoyable for gamers while playing.

Now come to weight, it seems to irritate players. The metal of Clevo NH70 weighs round about 2.5kgs or 4.58 pounds that makes it heavier than other systems of same category. Its weight makes it un-portable for playing.

Charging Time & Battery:

Having such price, laptop have 14.4V 3275mAh battery that is suitable. But not seems to be ideal. Players have to connect system with charger most of the time because its battery timing is only 3.5-4 hours. This thing makes people to select any other device.

The most chosen system for best gaming zone is Clevo NH70. While, if the system gives 8-9 hours, battery life then it is not enough so players must go to have some other device.

Processor & Performance in Different Games:

Clevo NH70 comes up with intel core i7 9th Gen processor chipset that gives gamers a smooth experience. On the contrary, gamers find no difficulty having work with memory integrated features / programs.

While, its processor enables to work and run many challenges with gaming, like streaming without disturbing game performance.


It provides users having other storage options having few PCIe slots. According to your requirements, players can have storage capacity increases up-to 1TB with SATA or SSD hard drive. On the contrary, storage capacity extends better gaming experience without disturbing game’s performance and quality.

Audio Quality

Having these advance features with adjustable price range Clevo NH70 provides better audio quality that makes it beast among similar systems. While, speakers occur at bottom left side of the hardware, that seems to be unclear from time after time. However, it is valuable to spend money on buying it.

To have extreme level best experience, its good video and audio qualities make an amazing environment. Clevo NH70 thermal is best choice having best speaker quality to buy.

Touch-Pad & Keyboard:

Keyboard backlit color got changes easily depends on your streaming and mood. Moreover, keyboard works amazingly and make your overall experience best.

As compared to similar systems, device touchpad is really smooth and responsive, that produce more gamer’s interests in device. You can use gg Roblox for best gaming for playing games like Minecraft.

Claims & Warranties:

Having discussion about claims and warranties device metal cover have 1-year warranty that prevent problems regarding hardware and manufacturers fault. Users are not responsible for problems like keyboards, monitors and some other inner parts malfunctions. It covers itself both recover and labor repairing problems. On the contrary, you don’t have to concern about faults with machinery.

Hacks to maximize performance of the Clevo NH70:

The best in market nowadays to buy for high end performance is Clevo NH70. Follow few hacks to buy this in your budget:

Search about your requirements. For purchasing, make sure to have perfect idea about your requirement in your mind. It involves your work type and the particular software features that you want to use.

Suppose about price range. Laptops price ranges in between $200 to $2000+, therefore, it will be easy to purchase in this range. If you can wait for passing of Cyber Monday and Black Friday then you can get amazing sale offer.

Wait with full patience. Soon, your system with full specifications could arrive.

Go for help for suggesting which laptop is best according to your needs from your family or friends.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


Best pixels density and image status / quality.

GTX 1650 GPU is responsible for ideal playing system for high end gamers.

Intel core I7 9th Gen chipset offers for smooth experience.

Backlit keyboard that enables to change pattern for good experience.

Suitable for experienced players that searches for best performance and intense gaming capabilities.


Having advance features it costs too much.

Too much disappointing battery life timing which is 3.5 – 4 hours.

It doesn’t have webcam for which many other systems have webcam.

Too much heavier than similar ones.

Not compatible for workstation or college work.

Final Verdict:

In very short time, Clevo NH70 get so much fame as high end gaming laptop. The manufacturers made the laptop from many years and NH company is quite exceptional.

It has strong i7-8750H CPU, 1TB of PCIe slot and SSD storage, provides 8GB RAM, and GPU of NIVIDA GeForce GTX 1650.

If you want to have gaming laptop to use for several years or long time span. Then, Clevo NH70 is best for your need.

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