Top 10 Best Alternatives to CouchTuner in 2020

There are numerous websites to watch free streaming movies, one of them is CouchTuner. It is known as the great movie streaming site for watching free movies. But over time, its users run into a lot of hassle to use the site.

What Is a CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a free website which gives you free movie broadcasts as well as television shows available on some of which are famous streaming clients including Netflix. This website provides it all to you absolutely free. CouchTuner is a website where you can watch online collection of the 

You can experience your favorite shows, recent episodes in your spare time after being saved on TV. There are a lot of rated and preferred TV performances such as Arrow, Breaking the Bed and you can additionally watch free downloadable shows on this site. I assume, you additionally understand other parts of data such as data availability, no signups, minimal advertising and appealing user interface.

No account is required to access their content on this website. There have been numerous reports from CouchTuner’s clients that this content is unstructured and there’s no auto play feature, making it less appealing to watch Bing from this website in case you need to search for your next episode.

How CouchTuner Works?

Couchtuner is very easy to operate, you can find your favorite movie or TV show in the search bar or if it is listed on the homepage it can save your time. The best thing I like about Couchtuner is that it has all categories of movies and TV shows which we are able to think about. It’s frustrating why people aren’t going to try it out on Netflix that is fully paid. We suggest you try Couchtuner once.

Is it Safe?

Yes or no, both answers are valid for its users. In protecting a site, I am primarily compelled to leak threats to the website and your location, name, email and other information.

It is not safe according to my opinion. Due to the fact there are a number of flaws with the site that could harm your privacy. To better understand this, I give you an instance. For example, think for a moment when you arrive at the main site. You will receive plenty of ads that will be clicked automatically while you access = website.

Those advertising can use your location, and in case you don’t recognize approximately security problems with them; you can give them a few of your data to get a few offers by those ads. Servers and Flash Players can be hacked, and this can compromise system security.

What Happened to CouchTuner?

Firstly, CouchTuner contained copyrighted materials which have been illegal to download. The achievement of the platform has attracted a lot of attention from the film industry. Therefore, it faced numerous legal charges from copyright holders.

Therefore, we do not suggest using CouchTuner. Because, in case you really want to, protect yourself as described in this article.

5 Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2020

I think now you get a lot of information about CouchTuner, how it works, and whether it is safe to use.

Now I’ll tell you about the best 5 CouchTuner alternatives that can make things easier. These CouchTuner free alternatives will cheer you because they are for free and many movies and TV shows are free.

Top 5 Best Alternatives to CouchTuner

 1. Netflix

Netflix comes first, particularly because it is the most famous website in the list of my couchtuner . It isn’t free to use, however new users can stream their favorite movies and TV series for free in the first month.

In addition, millions of people around the world are affected by this website. Who doesn’t want to play movies with high video quality? Its users do not get ads while watching movies.

Also, Netflix is the most attractive section on the platform. This includes short-term hilarious movies and TV shows exclusive to Netflix. Additionally, originality is completely charming and entertaining.

2. Xfinity

This site is similar to a paradise for binge-watchers. It has many categories of movies, you can choose from more than 20 types of movies on this website.

Also, the satisfactory aspect is that you don’t need to sign up for an account on this website to download your favorite content.

At the top, there are very few ads in the user interface of this couchtuner alternative site.

3. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is the best site like CouchTuner, it has an extensive library of movies and TV shows, there are sites that stream thousands of free movies, but some are like it.

If we compare CouchTuner and MovieNinja in terms of interface and design, Moviunja is better. It has a nice and appealing interface. You notice a few categories on this website. All content is divided into categories that assist the user navigate and search the site faster.

4. Primewire

PrimeWire is an online streaming site where you can watch new releases without paying ridiculous movie prices. On PrimeWire, All movies are available in many video qualities, so you can choose the movie and enjoy it This site is considered to be CouchTuner ‘s best site alternative for watching online streaming movies in 2020.

5. FMovies

FMovies is a great alternative to couch toner with a dark stimulus and all categories of movies which you like.

You can watch movies which are playing in movie theaters recently, which movies will certainly be launched soon, and which movie is the most popular among site users.

In the case the movies alone don’t work for you, you’ll be glad to know that FMovies has a similar collection of TV shows. You can start watching a new TV show from the first episode and finish it 


In this article, we’ve provided CouchTuner with the five most popular websites. Additionally, we are hoping that our list streaming sites will assist you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.