Creating the Ultimate Bathroom Retreat

As designs of homes have progressed over the years, the bathrooms in a house have taken on a new purpose besides hygiene. Bathrooms are now a place to relax and retreat from the world. So how do you create the ultimate bathroom retreat? Well, start with colors and textures that are soothing to you and you will create the ultimate oasis in your own home. 

Find bathrooms styled and decorated by architects and designers that you like and use that as inspiration to turn your bathroom into a retreat like no other. Using textures, colors, the right storage, and details added you will have your dream retreat in no time. 

Add Details You Enjoy

Including items you love around your home helps you enjoy your time at home that much more. The same is true for styling your bathroom and using items you enjoy will help it feel even more relaxing and inviting. If you take baths regularly, invest in a bath caddy or tray made of a material like bamboo to add both storage and ambiance to bath time. 

Placing plants around the bathroom not only enhances the decor of the space, but it also adds to the air quality of the room as well. Plants like fiddle leaf figs thrive in the bathroom from the humidity and are an excellent accent to any style of decor. 

Add Steam To Your Shower

Could you turn your current shower into a luxury steam shower? The components for adding the steam function to an existing shower are readily available. The size of the steam generator depends on the interior cubic footage of your shower space. A search online for the required size should be the first step. 

The shower walls must allow for the hose from the steam generator to come into the shower space for the steam pod to be fitted. Additionally, the shower will need to be fully enclosed and sealed so the steam cannot escape when in use. Internally, the walls, ceiling, and floor will need to be nonporous i.e., glass, ceramic, or porcelain tiles, natural stone including marble or granite.  

Minimize Clutter 

It is hard to relax in an environment that is overrun with stuff around the room. Designing your bathroom with storage in mind is key to help create your dream retreat. Whether you use baskets or shelves or even both, find a system that works for you. 

To organize products you use or toiletry items that are used consistently, it is helpful to have those items in nearby reach. For items that you do not use as often, put those towards the back of the shelves or cabinets. If you have space, using extra shelving is a helpful way to organize your towels and can be a nice way to display plants and other small decorative items. 

When turning your bathroom into the retreat of your dreams, decluttering is essential. If you have been holding on to products that you haven’t used in years, now is the time to toss them. The less you have to store, the less clutter will add up over time. 

Choosing Flooring and Sinks 

As you start to look around in stores and magazines for inspiration for your bathroom floor and vanity, keep in mind that some of the looks you may enjoy may cost more than others or won’t hold up over time. Designers often suggest using stone in bathrooms as it adds beautiful and unique texture. 

Although stone can be costly depending on the type you choose as well as the area you need covered, it adds in the natural element that makes the bathroom feel like the luxurious retreat you have been dreaming about. 

If you go with ceramic tiles, think about using a darker grout between the tiles to help with clearing and staining purposes later on. You can mix and match tiles for the shower and the floor if you have two different styles you like. Remember that sticking with lighter colors for tiles and sinks will keep the bathroom feeling natural and crisp. 

Use Soothing Scents and Colors

Whether you use aromatherapy or a simple candle, adding a scent to your bathroom is a great way to help it feel more spa-like. Using soothing scents like lavender or gardenia is ideal for bathrooms. Just be careful to not overdo it with too many different scents. 

When designing your bathroom retreat, keep in mind that neutral colors will help the space feel calm and inviting. If you enjoy bold colors, keep those for the towels or smaller decorative pieces. Using earth tones or neutral colors as paint options or even wallpaper is best for keeping the room feeling like a retreat away from the rest of the house. 

Incorporate Natural Elements 

Being outdoors is a naturally relaxing experience, so when designing a bathroom for relaxation incorporating items in the room that have natural texture and colors makes sense. Whether you focus on adding in as much natural light as possible, decorating with houseplants, or using natural wood as part of your styling, your bathroom will instantly turn into a relaxing retreat. 

Fire is one of the elements of nature that is most closely associated with calm and coziness. To take your bathroom retreat to the next level, why not add a wall mount electric fireplace? This is a simple way to add a luxurious feel to your space and make bathtime serene and relaxing.  

Luxurious Items Make a Difference

Using fresh flowers around the bathroom or displaying high-end perfume or face masks on the counter instantly brings a sense of luxury to the bathroom. Another option for adding a sense of luxury to the bathroom is adding jets to your bathtub or using a steam shower. Even something as simple as changing out your shower head to a more modern look can add a new style to the room. 

Including items around the bathroom that you wouldn’t normally splurge on is an instant way to add luxury to the room. Find a bathrobe that is not only comfortable but stylish too, and leave it on display just as you would see in a spa. Add a glass soap dispenser to get rid of the plastic bottles. Use decorative containers to store items such as Q-tips and cotton balls. The more you think of your bathroom as a spa when choosing items for both function and decoration, the more luxurious it will feel when you use it. 

Your New Bathroom Retreat

Turning your bathroom into the ultimate retreat doesn’t have to happen all at once. If you are starting slow, work on adding new items such as linens and storage first for the biggest impact. Take time to find the items that appeal to you most and be intentional about adding both detailed and luxurious items to your new retreat. Once your bathroom is styled the way you like, you will want to spend as much time in the room relaxing as possible.

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