Creative Ideas for Your 2020 Christmas Cards

Before you know it, Christmas will be right around the corner. The holidays are always full of fun and memories, but they also require a fair bit of planning. One thing you’ll have to plan for is your annual Christmas card. What type of picture will you include? What sort of message to do you want to send? Luckily, these are the types of questions that are fun to answer. Christmas cards offer an excellent opportunity to let your creativity run wild. You want to show your family at its best. What are the best ways to do that? Here are six ideas.

Matching Family Pajamas

The days of formal portraits seem to be behind us. Now, family pictures are all about showing how much fun you all tend to have together. One of the best ways to portray fun, comfort, and a positive attitude is by taking a Christmas card picture in matching family pajamas. This is just the type of stunt that is tacky in a self-aware sort of way, providing your family and all card recipients with a hearty laugh. The pajamas themselves will also serve as valuable mementos, reminding everybody for years about the wacky Christmas card photo of 2020.

Craft Your Own Cards

If you’re at all into crafting, then Christmas cards give you a chance to put your talent to the test. Store-bought cards are fine, but self-made cards are a heck of a lot more fun. There’s no limits to the types of cards you can make, and the internet is chalk full of ideas. From custom Rudolph pop-outs to stamped cards, there are countless options for cards that’ll be as fun for others to receive as they are for you to make. Crafting cards is also a great family activity, and the kids are sure to love it.

Include an Action Shot

Posed Christmas card photos often come out great, but they can also look forced. Depending on your family’s personality, a formal, posed shot might just not cut it. If your family is all action all the time, why not capture that in your Christmas card photo? Catch your kids during a sports event, recital, or while out on a hike. Showing them in their element will make everybody a lot happier than forcing them to pose for a picture they’d rather not take. The action shots will also come out better and give recipients an accurate portrayal of a family on the go.

Get the Pets Involved

If you have animals in your home, then you know they serve as much more than trusty companions. They also make for adorable props during a photoshoot. For a Christmas card picture that includes the whole family and makes recipients laugh, consider putting the dog or cat into a funny position. Some epic card pictures have included animals doing all sorts of silly things, from driving toy cars to reading magazines. You can never go wrong with a bit of canine or feline hilarity.

Go Full Bore Romantic

This is an especially great option for a young couple looking to show the world how much they love each other. Silly photos might be fun, but there’s also something special about pictures that are genuinely touching. A romantic photoshoot replete with kissing, hugging, and hand-holding can produce some card-worthy gems. Including these types of pictures is a great way to demonstrate the strength of your commitment to your partner.

Use Photoshop to Earn Easy Laughs

In 2020, there’s no reason not to make use of the latest technology to get a laugh from your card’s recipients. Photoshop has all sorts of amusing features, allowing you to play around until you find the perfect joke. Inserting comic thought bubbles is a sure way to inject some humor. You can also play around with people’s positions to provide added hilarity.