Dallas Homeowners: New Market Research Could Save You a Substantial Amount of Money on Insurance

Locals of Dallas County who own their own homes appreciate the importance of homeowners’ insurance in protecting their investments. The residents have an average rate they pay for the policy, though the rates vary depending on certain factors such as the owner’s credit rating, age, and condition of the house, among others. 

The policy depends on the homeowners’ needs, such as the coverage for Tornadoes, hurricanes, and sinkholes, which are frequent in the area. If you are a resident or planning to move to Texas, read this to understand more about homeowners insurance Dallas.

What Is the Price of Homeowners Insurance Dallas, TX?

When looking for the best prices in Dallas, it would be best to compare quotations from different homeowners insurance Dallas providers and companies, then go for the one that favors you. Take a look at these. 

Quotation: $ 2000 for $ 180,000 Coverage and $ 500 Deductibles

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Agent:

Jacob Ashwander: 6220 Gaston Ave Ste 500, Dallas, TX 75214

1.4 mi from Dallas

  • Near Goodwin St, Park Meadow Way, Gertrude Ave
  • 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • 1990
  • Homeowner aged 42 years and earning $ 50 to $ 75,000
  • Credit Score up to 600-649
  • Should have no pets and a non-smoker

Quotation: $1680 To Cover $175,000 With $800 Deductible

Another homeowner insurance Dallas provider is,

Farmers Homeowners Insurance Agent

Kevin Kohler 10222Midway Rd, Dalla, TX 75229

7.6 mi from Dallas

Farmers Homeowners Insurance Agent covers a home with the following details.

  • Located near Loganwood Dr, Cypress Hills Dr, Beauregard Dr
  • 3 Beds, 2Baths
  • 1997
  • 31-year-old Male with $50-$75,000 income
  • Credit Score of 750-799
  • No pets and a non-smoker

Quotation: $870 for $115000 Coverage and $1400 Deductible

State Farm Homeowners Insurance Agent

Michele Davis: 9661 Audelia Rd Ste 111, Dallas, TX 75238-2600

6.4 mi from Dallas

This Agent covers a home with the following details.

  • Located near Britannia Ct, Bayview, Club Oaks Ct 
  • 4 Beds, 2Baths
  • 1972
  • Female owner aged 43 years earning $25-$ 50,000
  • Up to 499 Credit Score
  • A maximum of 3 pets and a non-smoker

$1160 Quote for $115000 Coverage & $500 Deductible

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Agent

Princeton Insurance 1304 ADAIR ST, DALLAS, TX 75204

1 mi from Dallas

Travelers Homeowners cover a house that meets the following requirements.

  • Located near Summit Oak Cir, S Ottawa Rd, Heritage PI
  • 2 Beds, 1Bath
  • 1979
  • 48-year-old Male with over $ 150,000 income
  • 750-799 Credit Score
  • No pets and is a smoker

$1160 Quote for $150000 Coverage & $1300 Deductible

Homeowners Insurance Agent

Tinius And Associates, Llc: 4144 North Central Expwy 4144 North Central Expwy, Dallas, TX 75204

1.9 miles from Dallas

Homes covered by this insurance agency must meet the following requirements.

  • Near Courtshire Dr, Monte Vista Dr, Eugene St
  • 4 Beds and 3baths
  • 1960
  • Female of 61 years of age with $ 25-$ 50,000 income
  • 800-850 Credit Score
  • Two pets and a smoker

Quotation: $ 1600 for $175000 and $ 1500 Deductible

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Agent

Linda Clifton: 2611 N Belt Line Rd Ste 100, Mesquite, TX 75182

9.9 mi from Dallas

The requirements for this policy are as follows

  • Near Carmel St, Sidwin St, Pine Row
  • 5 Beds and 2Baths
  • 1989
  • 60-year-old female homeowner earning $ 25-$50,000 
  • Up to 700-749 Credit Score
  • A smoker with no pets

To Sum It Up

It is vital to review various homeowners’ insurance providers in Dallas before choosing. You can easily go for the insurance company that suits your needs if your home meets the requirements.