David Packouz Biography, Life, Career, Net Worth 

David Packouz is a well-known entrepreneur, inventor, and musician from the United States. He is best known for co-founding AEY Inc., a company that won a $300 million contract to supply arms and ammunition to the US government during the Iraq war. 

Early Life and Education

David Packouz was born on February 16, 1982, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. His family moved to Miami, Florida, when he was a child. He attended high school at Miami Beach Senior High School and later went to the University of Florida, where he studied international business and engineering.

Career Beginnings

After college, Packouz started working as a massage therapist in Miami Beach. He also played music on the side and had a band called “Stark Naked and the Car Thieves.” In 2005, he met Efraim Diveroli, who would later become his business partner.

AEY Inc.

In 2007, Packouz and Diveroli founded AEY Inc., a company that specialized in arms and ammunition procurement. The company won a $300 million contract to supply ammunition to the US government during the Iraq war. However, the company was later investigated for fraud and banned from doing business with the US government.

Other Ventures

After the AEY scandal, Packouz moved on to other ventures. He co-founded a company called Singular Sound, which produces music technology products. David Packouz also invented a product called the Echelon, which is a guitar pedal that creates live loops. He has also worked as a public speaker, sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Net Worth

David Packouz’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. However, this figure is subject to change depending on the performance of his various ventures. Packouz’s primary source of income is his stake in Singular Sound, which has been very successful in recent years. The company’s flagship product, the BeatBuddy drum machine, has been a hit among musicians and has helped propel the company’s growth. 

In addition to Singular Sound, Packouz has also made money through other ventures, including his work as a public speaker and inventor. Overall, Packouz’s net worth is a testament to his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Personal Life

Packouz, who is married and has two children, also actively supports various charities through his philanthropic work.


Q: What is David Packouz known for?

A: He gained recognition for co-founding AEY Inc., a company that secured a $300 million contract to supply arms and ammunition to the US government during the Iraq war.

Q: How did David Packouz make his money?

A: David Packouz made his money through his various business ventures, including co-founding AEY Inc. and Singular Sound.

Q: What is David Packouz’s net worth?

A: David Packouz’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Q: What is Singular Sound?

A: David Packouz co-founded Singular Sound, a music technology company that produces products such as the BeatBuddy drum machine and the Aeros Loop Studio.

Q: What charities does David Packouz support?

A: David Packouz supports various charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


David Packouz is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, and musician. Despite the setbacks he faced with AEY Inc., he has continued to pursue his passion for business and music. His success with Singular Sound and other ventures has cemented his place as one of the most prominent figures in the business world.

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