Dealing with TMD: The Benefits of TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular or TMJ assists jaw movement such as chewing and speaking. It connects the lower jawbone to the skull. It can suffer from a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. This disorder presents symptoms such as locking jaw, ear and neck pain, difficulty chewing, speaking, and eating, ear ringing, as well as jaw pain. If you suffer from this problem, you should consider Carthay TMJ treatment as soon as possible.  If you suffer from a TMD, you must see a specialist to know the right treatment for your condition. 

What to Expect from TMJ Treatment?

If you have TMD, your dentist will consider several solutions to treat your condition. They may prescribe medication to treat your symptoms, or splints for correcting bite alignment and relieving joint pressure, or corrective surgery for serious alignment problems. Also, your dentist may suggest lifestyle changes to prevent teeth clenching and grinding. Often, they will start with conservative choices like oral instruments and lifestyle changes before they consider more invasive choices like medications or surgery. 

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Getting prompt TMJ treatment is important to prevent the condition from getting worse. Also, the treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Get rid of your pain. TMD not only causes tooth and joint pain. It can also result in shoulder, upper back, neck, and facial pain. By getting TMJ treatment, you get rid of the associated pain. 
  • Stop the risk of damage. Most patients with TMJ disorders may heavily grind their teeth, which is not healthy for the teeth. Teeth grinding wears down the teeth, making them prone to breakage or decay. Also, it puts pressure on the joints and jaw, possibly causing more symptoms. TMJ treatment eliminates these risks.
  • Help you enjoy your favorite foods. If you have a TMJ disorder, eating certain types of food can be difficult. When your symptoms get worse, your oral pain may reduce your food intake, compromising your nutritional intake. Because of the vicious cycle this pain will create, you can end up suffering from increased emotional stress and poor overall health. 
  • Make your days better. After a successful TMJ treatment, you will be in less pain, making it possible for you to enjoy your favorite food again and be free of any stress associated with your suffering. You will then feel and speak better. Also, you will enjoy better sleep and an improved mood, making your days so much better than when you had to deal with the TMD.