Death of a Close One: Ways to Deal with it

Life is beautiful because it is short. Death is inevitable. No one can run away from the clutches of death. So, when a close one dies, you become vulnerable. You do not have the mental capacity to process things with your full consciousness. That is why you need a strong support system in moments like these. You need people around you who would act rationally and provide you with comfort. Read this article to find out what basic steps you are to take when faced with such an inevitable catastrophe. 

1. Pain:

Acknowledgement of your pain is necessary. If you try to suppress it, it will manifest itself in different ways. You might fall sick even as a result of trauma. You had a strong relationship with the person who passed away, you will no longer get to see them, talk to them or hold their hands anymore. You need to acknowledge that fact and accept the loss. If you stay in denial you cannot move past this event. And days will hang heavy on you. Even if it feels like the most important person in your life has gone missing, life will always find ways to surprise you. 

2. Memories:

While it is good to hold on to some dear memories, it is not always welcoming to surround yourself with death. What the person wore, where they sat, which their favourite coffee mug was, all these things will only remind you of their absence. If you are suffering from depression and other forms of stress, it is not wise to surround yourself with the articles of the deceased. But you cannot get rid of the stuff right away either. You need time to deal with the sorrow of letting go. Choose something in the middle. There are storage units in your city that you can use in order to move those boxes of stuff from your house. You will pay monthly rent until you find someone who would need this stuff. Then you can be free of the trouble. You can check out storage units San Diego for amazing deals on a storage facility. 

3. Support System:

If you find yourself lonely in the big house, invite friends over. They will be happy to lend a shoulder in the time of your need. Join a support group if you think your loss was unique and your friends can’t be of the comfort that you need. You’ll be surprised to see how many more are also in pain. This will not lessen your pain, but you’ll find solidarity. That is comforting to know. You might also seek out grief counselling or therapy. This might work wonders for you.

4. Life:

Someone is gone. They are no more. But you are still here. You are still living. There is life for you. Do not let grief rule your blank pages. If you start enjoying life, you are not disrespecting the memories of the loved ones who are no more, you are respecting life itself. Start living for yourself, it is the only way to live, to survive. Take a step forward one day at a time. 

In the end, remember that you have a duty towards none but life itself. It is to live beautifully and experience joy. If you are truthful to yourself, you can overcome any obstacles, even grief.