Top 10 Demon Slayer Characters Ranking

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a big hit not only manga or anime but also the movie version also got big hit. It became popular due to many unique characters that support its popularity. A variety of demon slayer characters who fight freely as “demons” or “demon slaughterers” who have a brave figure to slash demons. They also have a gentle heart to think about their friends and family which are drawn very attractively in the anime.

The Touken World Foundation consider the demon slayer characters rankings held at “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha). The ranking was done among 110 total characters but in this article we will list the top 10 characters who are ranked well in manga as well as movie theater.

1. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is ranked as the top character on the demon slayer characters list. The number of votes obtained is 1079, and the voting rate is 20.6%.

A “water column” that uses water breathing. He helped Kanjiro and Tanjiro Kamado, and is also a brother of Kanjiro. He is a quiet swordfighter, but he has a gentle and caring personality. In the comments, there were voices such as “a handsome guy who guides, helps, and keeps his life quietly” and “an important person who always watches over Kamado and supports him.”

Although he had a high level of skill, he had a weak side that he was not confident in his own power due to the complex with his dead best friend and sister. However, many people were impressed by Giyu Tomioka, who bravely confronted him when he understood what to protect.

2. Purgatory Anjuro

The second place is of Purgatory Anjuro. The number of votes obtained is 1070, and the voting rate is 20.4%.

A “flame pillar” that uses the breath of fire, draw as a cheerful and clear person. He has a very high fighting ability and is also excellent as a command tower. In the comments, there were praises such as “I remember his words and burned my heart even when I had a hard time at work”, “I fell in love with my personality!” And “I fell in love with the movie”.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma

The third place is of Zenitsu Agatsuma. The number of votes obtained is 446, and the voting rate is 8.5%.

A demon sword-fighter who is in sync with the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, and is represented as a cowardly and careless character. However, he has a gentle personality, and his strong feelings for Mameko are genuine. He is a user of “Thunder Breathing” that launches a quick attack like lightning, but he can only use “Ichino-type Kasumi Ippen”. He also has an extraordinary hearing power. Zenitsu Agatsuma is on 3rd position because he works hard to master one type at a time.

4. Yume

The 4th place is of Yume Ohta. The number of votes obtained is 321 and the voting rate is 6.1%.

One of the twelve demon moons, the only demon that survived the miserable low-ranking demon power harassment conference. He also appeared in the blockbuster movie “Theatrical Version Devil’s Blade Infinite Train Edition”.

5. Hashibira Inosuke

Hashibira Inosuke is ranked on 5th place. The number of votes obtained is 247, and the voting rate is 4.7%.

A dual wield swordfighter wearing a boar head, which is in sync with Zenitsu Agatsuma. He is a wild child who rushes forward as he looks. He has a past raised in a wild boar in the mountains, and although he is not familiar with the common sense of the human world, he gradually awakens to humanity by spending time with the demon slaughterers.

Inosuke is a Beast Breathing character which he learn from his own way. He is a short-tempered and proud man who thinks he is the strongest of all characters. He always challenge the people he came across. Inosuke want others to praise and respect his skills.

6. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is on 6th place on demon slayer characters ranking. The number of votes obtained is 239, and the voting rate is 4.6%.

A swordfighter who is the ninth pillars in the demon slaughter corps. Although she has a small physique, her splendid sword-handling and expertise are said to be the best of the pillars. She uses a special poison to fight demons. She is like an older sister who takes care of Kanjiro and Tanjiro.

7. Immortal River Miya

The 7th place is of Miya Immortal River. The number of votes obtained is 211, and the voting rate is 4%.

It is one of the pillars and is a “wind pillar” that uses the breathing of the wind. He is a young man with short white hair and impressive scars all over his body. Although he seems impatient and angry, he is also known as a family-minded character with a sad past.

8. Tanjiro Kamado

The 8th place is of Tanjiro Kamado. The number of votes obtained is 198, and the voting rate is 3.8%.

The main character of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. In order to return her sister, Nezuko Kamado, who has become a demon, to a human being, she joined the demon hunting organization, the demon slaughter corps. He is a kind-hearted young man, and he continues to fight with a spirit of charity against the demons that are supposed to be his enemies. He has a better nose than anyone else, and can sniff out demons.

9. Tokito Muichiro

The 9th place was Muichiro Tokito. The number of votes obtained is 153, and the voting rate is 2.9%.

One of the elite “pillars” of the demon slaughter corps, a genius who became a pillar in just two months by holding a sword. It is the youngest pillar of our time and uses haze breathing. He suffers from memory loss and has a self-paced personality.

10. Nezuko Kamado

The last one is Nezuko Kamado. The number of votes obtained is 149, and the voting rate is 2.8%.

She is a younger sister of the main character, Tanjiro Kamado. He is a girl who became a demon when the demon’s blood got into her wound after an attack by a demon. She has a bamboo shackle on her mouth to prevent it from attacking people. In the fight against demons, she mainly engages in bullet battles and has the power to kick the demon’s neck with her kick.