Dental supplies that will improve your practice

If you are a dentist, then what are some of the best dental supplies that you and your practice need to be the best? Sure, everyone knows the supplies that you need to have in order to have a successful starter practice, but once you’ve been in town a bit and learned the ropes, then what do you need to do in order to make your dental practice improve? 

Thankfully, there are a lot of dental supplies that will improve your practice and will also allow you to take on new clients and offer new services, and we’ve got a list of some of the best.

X-Ray Equipment

Dentists use X-rays to give them a full view into the conditions of your mouth, allowing them to see the condition of your teeth, roots, jaw, and gums without having to spend too much time poking around in your mouth. X-ray equipment should be one of the first things you look into whenever it comes to building your practice, but if you haven’t already looked for it then it should be one of the first things that you get.

X-ray equipment doesn’t just include the large machine that takes the x-rays, but also the protective safety gear for the dentists and the patients, as well as the stuff that makes the x-rays work. These include patient safety vests, film and film developing equipment, and barriers and mounts.

Sedation Tools

Whether your patient is going through surgery or just happens to be a little bit jittery around the dentist’s office, sedation is a valid and helpful option to keep patients calm or even knock them out all together! There are several types of sedation options that your dental practice needs to be aware of and also needs to have the supplies to carry out.

For example, one of the easiest sedation options is nitrous oxide or laughing gas based sedation. You just need a tank of nitrous oxide and a tank of oxygen, along with masks, to carry it out. IV sedation is another option that requires IV equipment, or patients can take their sedative orally in the dentist’s office. Having one or all of these sedation options means that you can perform different surgeries or operations on your patients, and can also calm down patients who might be a little nervous.

Materials For Dentures and Retainers

If you are looking into branching out your office into the field of prosthodontics, then you might need to get some special dental supplies. You will need to have dentures, adhesives, and cases to protect the dentures. Additionally, you will need impression materials to actually make the dentures as well. 

If you want to go down the orthodontic route, then you will also need retainers and retainer cases, tissue guards, wires, elastic bands, and other equipment to install and maintain the braces. 

Supplies for The Waiting Room

Alright, so this stuff might not improve your practice, but it will improve the lives of your patients as they wait for you to call them in. Making sure to have comfortable chairs, entertainment, a good selection of magazines and books, and a comfortable atmosphere will keep your patients at ease and ensure that they are kept happy and are in a good mood when you call them into the office.

An Excellent Computer System

Using free software and some budget friendly options to manage your clients and invoices around the office, might have worked when your business was just starting out. However, as your business gets more and more advanced, then you might find that you need a better way to keep everything organized.

Look for some good dentist software and make sure that your staff is trained in using it. Your software should meet your needs and make tasks around the office easier and not harder, so if you find that a software with too many bells and whistles has just that, then you need to keep looking.

But a great software will allow you to service your clients much faster and can also ensure that they don’t get lost in the system. Plus, greater organization means that your staff can spend less time looking for people and more time making sure that your patients are serviced.
If you want to continue to improve your practice, then upgrading your equipment will surely help. Just make sure to get your supplies from a reputable supplier, like those at Kent Express, and watch your practice flourish.