Don Toliver Biography, Life, Career, and Net Worth 

Don Toliver is a popular American rapper, singer, and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm. His unique style and versatility have earned him a loyal fan base worldwide, making him well-known.

Early Life and Education

Don Toliver was born on June 12, 1994, in Houston, Texas. His real name is Caleb Zackery Toliver. Music was exposed to him at an early age while growing up in the Alief neighborhood of Houston. Don Toliver attended Alief Taylor High School, where he played football and ran track.

Career Beginnings

Don Toliver’s interest in music started at a young age, but he did not pursue it seriously until he met rapper and producer Wes Green. Green, who goes by the stage name Go Grizzly, helped Don Toliver develop his skills as a rapper and songwriter. In 2017, Don Toliver released his first single, “Diva,” which was a hit on SoundCloud.

Rise to Fame

Don Toliver gained widespread recognition in 2018 when he was featured on the Travis Scott song “Can’t Say” from the album “Astroworld.” The song became a massive hit, and Don Toliver’s unique style and sound caught the attention of music fans and critics alike. This led to a record deal with Cactus Jack Records, a label founded by Travis Scott.

Major Works and Achievements

Don Toliver released his debut studio album, “Heaven or Hell,” in March 2020, which became a commercial success. The album debuted at number 7 on the US Billboard 200 chart and included hit singles such as “No Idea” and “After Party.” 

Several other successful tracks, including “Lemonade” by Internet Money and “Back Up” by Nav, have featured Don Toliver.

Personal Life

He is notoriously private about his personal life. He has not revealed much about his relationships or family, and prefers to keep his personal life separate from his music career.

Net Worth

Don Toliver’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This is largely due to the success of his music career, including album sales, concert tours, and merchandise sales.

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Legacy and Impact

Don Toliver has had a significant impact on the music industry with his unique style and sound. He has inspired many young artists to pursue their dreams and has shown that success can come from hard work and dedication.


Here are some of the major releases from he discography:

  • “Donny Womack” (2018)
  • “Heaven or Hell” (2020)
  • “Life of a Don” (2021)

Tours and Performances

Don Toliver has been on several tours and has performed at various music festivals. Some of his notable performances include:

  • “Astroworld Festival” (2019)
  • “The Madness Tour” with The Weeknd (2021)
  • “Life of a Don Tour” (2022)


Q: What was his first big hit?

A: He gained widespread recognition with his feature on the Travis Scott song “Can’t Say” from the album “Astroworld.”

Q: What is the record label?

A: He is signed to Cactus Jack Records, a label founded by Travis Scott.

Q: What is his most successful album?

A: His debut studio album, “Heaven or Hell,” released in March 2020, was a commercial success and included hit singles such as “No Idea” and “After Party.”

Q: What are the upcoming projects?

A: He has not announced any upcoming projects yet, but his fans are eagerly waiting for new music and performances.


Don Toliver is a rising star in the music industry who has made a significant impact with his unique style and sound. His dedication to his craft and hard work has paid off, and he has become one of the most popular artists in the world. 

With more music and performances on the horizon, it’s clear that Don Toliver’s star will continue to rise in the years to come.