Don’t Ignore Your Roof’s Cry: 3 Signs that Show Your Roof Needs a Touch-Up before Rainy Season

Just imagine: what if one day you get up in the morning, only to witness a beautiful rainy day. You are happy because, finally, you will get relief from sun-kissed days. Soon it starts down pouring and…ah! You realize that your roof is leaking. Your plan to enjoy a rainy weekend goes down the drain, and you start wondering where, when, and how things started getting wrong? Well, such disasters don’t occur overnight. They are the result of your negligence, carelessness, and ignorance.

Your roof is made of tough material, sure, but it can still get damaged. So, you should be proactive and take steps to maintain your roof before things start getting out of your hand. The real-life question is: how? The answer is by looking out for signs that show that your roof is calling for your attention.

Here are given signs you need to keep an eye on so that your rainy days are not ruined by leaking roof:

Spot Water Spots and Fungal Growth:

You are having a plan for the kitchen remodeling Houston. So, you enter your kitchen and start inspecting it to come up with a better remodeling plan. During the inspection, you spot watermarks around the corner of the roof. You might be wondering what they are doing there. Well, they are there to tell you that something is wrong with your roof.

 Watermarks and fungal growth in the corner of your roof are one of the biggest red alerts of your roof damage. The best thing about them is that they are easy to spot, as well. If you find that your roof is decolorizing and have streaks or fungal growth, it means that water is messing with your roof. Call water damage repair Houston service immediately and get your roof inspection as soon as possible.

Inspect Damaged Shingles:

The moment your roof’s beauty starts getting uglier, it is time to call roof repair services. Not daily, but at least once every three months, go for shingles inspection. If you find any of them cracked, with curled corners, dented, or missing, don’t ignore them. It is not just a random trick of your roof; your roof is not playing with you. It is a sign that your roof needs maintenance and repair.

Sagging Roof is a Thing:

Your roof pitch may be different according to your house designs. But at least, it should be in a straight line in the degree of its pitch. If you feel that your roof is not in a straight line and it feels like sagging, don’t take it just an optical illusion. It can be an indicator of a bigger roof problem.

Once you see any of these signs, come to action immediately. After all, you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new roof – right?