Dream Home Makeover 2: Everything You Need To Know

After the success of real estate and home improvement shows such as Styling Hollywood and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Netflix released another show which is “Dream Home Makeover”.

That reality show is included in a host of home-changing titles – an evergreen genre. The concept remains almost the same. A pair of designers guides their customers to turn their historic features into a beautiful destination.

Dream Home Makeover

The show follows Syd and Shea McGee, who launched their well-known rustic interior design style and home renovation documentation on Instagram in 2010 and their social media presence in a developing design business called Studio McGee. Each episode presents a home design project that ranges from a small budget residing room upgrade to a complete home renovation in which there is no money hassle.

But, despite this general appearance, home renovations are constantly a hit. At last, who doesn’t want to try a few DIY hacks on their personal matter? 

Well, after the first season of Dream Home Makeover’, you’ll be thinking about the details of the second season. Here we know the entirety approximately Dream Home Makeover’ Season 2.

Ratings Of Dream Home Makeover 

It is no coincidence that the Dream Home Makeover was initially renewed for the second series. Even when Netflix owners have no idea how successful a show can be, they know for sure that their international fans love the home renovation series.

Also, there are only six episodes in the first season that is not sufficient for fans of any home design change. According to what’s on Netflix, Dream Home Makeover is presently ranked fifth in the top 10 TV series on Netflix US.

The Plot

The founders of Studio McGee are Syd and Shea McGee, a design studio; they are doing the best they can on their budgets, blowing up homes and creating amazing spaces for customers. The couple sees action in season 2, with Shea handling the design and handling everything from Syd to business and logistics. 

Upcoming episodes with new families will be featured; season 2 will also include the couple’s more lovely daughters, Wren and Ivy. Because of Covid 19, shot with a very limited group, this season promises to be as exciting and remote as ever!

Release Date Of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

The first season of “Dream Home Makeover” premiered on Netflix on October 16, 2020. It includes 6 episodes. What sets this show apart from its peers is the basis connected to it. Home improvement works can be reviewed by anyone, regardless of the size or shape of their home. The reality series includes a number of techniques that all kinds of homeowners can use.

And just due to it being so near to home, we expect that “Dream Home Makeover” will bring at least another season. In case the green light is given quickly, the second season of “Dream Home Makeover” will be aired in October 2021.