Easiest way to season a humidor by yourself

To store your cigarettes properly, you should need a humidor because the cigars do not survive longer than three days without a humidor. Humidor gives proper maintenance, controls moisture, and gives the required temperature that keeps your cigars fresh and gives you a perfect taste while puffing. 

Not giving proper attention to your cigars maintenance not only cause of its expiry also give you a taste like ash. You should need to have a humidor; it keeps your cigars fresh and gives a unique look with its attractive design. The aroma found in the humidor is also pleasing and makes it more unique. 

You can see several types of humidors in the market. Each of them has its specifications. Some are preferable for homes, gatherings, storage. Few others are for traveling purposes. You can select the one according to your need. 

Do we need proper care of humidors?

Humidors are the containers used to store our Tabaco and cigars and help expand and contract them naturally according to the air around them. Not only this, but you also need to check your humidor at least once a week to work correctly. Also, check the water level. You should need to add distilled water once a week.

The protection you need is to keep it away from straight sunlight, avoid much-heated temperature with space fluctuation. You can also season your humidors once a year and update things that are pretty much working slowly. 

How to season a humidor

Don’t get over-excited after purchasing a humidor. Make sure that you need to season it first. Seasoning the humidor is not relatively challenging, but you need to know the instructions and adjust. Several people are available to help you season a humidor, but the best one is to do this yourself. 

  • First, research how to season a humidor on the internet. You’ll find many articles, watch videos on youtube, call the seller and read the instructions. Besides that, I will tell you the primary way to season a humidor. 
  • Read the instructions properly. 
  • Take a clean sponge and distilled water. 
  • Start cleaning the inner area of the humidor with the sponge and water. 
  • Take a small dish, fill it with distilled water and place it inside the humidor. 
  • Cover it and wait for a few days to check the humidity level. 
  • (It’ll reach around 60 to 70%) 
  • Put the distilled water in the humidification device and install it in your humidor. 
  • Keep checking it for a few days. 
  • When the level off is around 70%, then it’ll be ready to put and store your cigars in it properly. 

Most of us think it is good to season about humidor again and again. No, it’s a wrong concept. It is enough to season it at once. You don’t need to re-seasoned it again until you stop using it and start reusing it after a long time. 

The bottom line 

Purchasing a humidor and season is not relatively complex. You should purchase the best one according to your demand and budget, then season it according to the instructions and given steps. While purchasing a humidor, make sure to check a few things, including design, sealing and packing, airtight lid, construction, quality, and budget. I’ll recommend you to take a look on acrylic humidor jar. As it contain all of the properties that a best humidor need to have. Moreover, not seasoning your humidors properly, keep your cigars dry and damaged. Also, you can feel a bad taste while puffing, like ash. You should also need to keep checking its humidity level every week or twice a week. I hope you are satisfied with this reading and can season your humidor on your own.