Eggy Car Unblocked Wtf

Eggy Car Unblocked Wtf is the car game that you drive your car to carry your egg passenger through the hills securely. Once your passenger is dropped, in that case, the egg, you lose. How can you be successful? Well, we guess this is obvious. If you drive your car carefully, you don’t drop your passenger and not cause it to break its body and its heart. Right, even the eggs have hearts, unlike other people.

Basics of Eggy Car Game:

Hey, you! Do you want to know the basics about our glorious game, Eggy Car? Come on in!

  • Eggy Car is the 2D endless runner car game that, you try to create a balance to not drop the egg you carry. If you drop the egg, obviously, it will be broken.
  • Once you start the game, there will be an egg on your car. There is a little space that the egg can move. So, you should drive your car carefully.
  • If the egg drops from the car, you lose.
  • You can go to the right by “D” or the right arrow.
  • You can go to the left by “S” or the left arrow.
  • Have fun!

A Walkthrough on Eggy Car Game:

We decided to create a balance on our car with the egg. It seems like we will be suffering a little.

  • As we start Eggy Car, we click on the yellow play button to go further.
  • The game gives us a few instructions. We pass them. By clicking on the yellow continue button.
  • There is an egg on our car. When we start to move our car, it hangs on the top. It’s hard to carry on it.
  • Oh gosh! It’s a hill! When our car climbs the hill, the egg stays like it has a tendency to fall. Anyway, we don’t drop the egg on that hill. We drive our jeep like a pro!
  • We go still, there is another hill that makes our egg floppy. Oh, no! It drops. That’s all folks. We see the sunny side up.


No, you are not able to play Eggy Car unlimited with your buddies. Because there is no multiplayer mode in Eggy Car.

Yes, you can change your car in a free Eggy Car. To do that, you should get high scores and accumulate points.

You shouldn’t break the egg on your car in a free Eggy Car. To do that, you shouldn’t go faster and too slower. When the egg stays horizontally, you are free to fasten.