English listening skills for 10 minutes a day

Many students with good English skills have excellent English reading and writing skills, but only listening and speaking are not enough. Speaking ability is closely related to listening ability, because insufficient listening ability will seriously affect the ability to communicate, and it will not be able to express yourself in time according to what you are listening to. In response to these situations, I provide you with a way to improve your listening ability, which is intensive listening.

Intensive listening is a method of dictation. Mastering the correct dictation method is a big step to improve listening. How to start intensive listening exercises? First, look for an English language website that you can use for a long time, and start using listening sections, such as practicing English news such as VOA, BBC, CNN, YThi. Download a five-minute English news article first, and don’t read the text until the listening practice is complete.

Practice methods:

1, First Listening. You only need to grasp the general idea and purpose of the news.

2, Begin to dictate. It may not be smooth when you begin to dictate. Many sentences and words do not understand. At this time, you don’t have to worry about it, just listen to it several times, and take the sentence as a unit, until you understand each sentence. It should be reminded that dictation should be done by hand instead of using a computer applications, such as Microsoft Word. Because Microsoft Word have the function of automatically correcting word errors, that is not good for  your dictation.

3, Check the dictation. After listening to a news, play the recording again and check your dictation, and see if those sentences are not dictated correctly or are missing. Modify the dictation again. Finally, it is compared with the correct text.

4, Recite the news. Recite the news after the dictation checking is completed. You may have a lot of new words and new grammars knowledge. The purpose of memorizing this news is simply to memorize these words and grammars.

The above is the listening practice method. The specific practice time can be arranged according to your own situation. However, most people practice in the morning because they have plenty of energy in the morning. 

Besides, regarding the choice of listening accents, that is, British or American accents. You can choose BBC if you like British English, and VOA if you like American English.  Also, you should listen to other accents. After all, you need to listen to different English accents from around the world in your life. The more accents you’ve heard, the better your English’s listening ability will be. YThi is a website that uses YOUTUBE to help you practice listening. You can listen kinds of real English accents on YThi. That is a good tool to help you improve your English.

Please note that listening ability cannot be quickly increased in the short term. Be prepared for long-term struggle. As long as you keep practicing every day, there will be a qualitative improvement after a few months.