Everything You Need To Know About Parquet flooring

Home decor enthusiasts look for ways to make their homes very vibrant and eye-catching. To develop a fantastic interior, they opt for Parquet flooring. This particular type of flooring adds an extra charm to the home’s entire look. The word ‘Parquet’ originates from a French term called ‘Parqueterie,’ which means small blocks. 

Parquet is a form of wooden flooring made by arranging small blocks of wood in a linear and repeating pattern. Traditionally, in this type of flooring, one block of wood was arranged at a time. But, in the present scenario, the wood slats are stuck together and then attached to the subfloor. 

Parquet flooring is installed on the subfloor by stapling, gluing, and nailing. The strips of Parquet flooring are very similar to the hardwood strip flooring. It resembles its natural look and performance, just like the solid wooden flooring. 

Types Of Parquet Flooring

When deciding to get through Parquet flooring, one must decide what kind of flooring they desire, Solid or Engineered. Selection of wood type also becomes essential when going for Parquet flooring. In the case of solid wood, it is made from solid pieces of Timber. 

The flooring contains multiple layers of wood with a veneer of hardwood on the top for engineered wood flooring. When deciding on solid or engineered wood, the final look of Parquet flooring remains unaffected. It will give the same look in both cases. The only factor that matters is stability and durability. 

Difference Between Ordinary Wood Flooring And Parquet Flooring

In ordinary wood flooring, wooden planks of 10 cm width and 1m length are used. To give a distinctive and attractive look to the floor, smaller pieces of wood are arranged in different linear patterns for Parquet flooring. It gives a decorative touch to the interiors of the home. 

Parquet flooring is very popular for its geometrical and angular shapes. People opt for Herringbone or Chevron parquet flooring to give a more luxurious and classic look. It is made of layers of wood with veneer wood at the top. The solid wood flooring is carved of solid pieces of timber. 

Types of Parquet Flooring Finishes

People generally do not opt for unfinished Parquet flooring as it is prone to various damages. There are high chances that it might get stained easily. To avoid this, there are other varieties of Parquet finishes. These are as follows:

  • Brushed and lacquered
  • Brushed and oiled
  • UV oil
  • Lacquered 
  • Natural oil

There are also different options of colors and patterns to choose from. The most common options are brown Versailles panels, light, whitewashed, dark Oak, and grey Herringbone.

The Bottom Line

Parquet flooring is a very elegant and versatile kind of flooring. It is the best option for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas. The geometric and angular patterns fill in a room amazingly. It is better not to use them in smaller areas where they cannot be visually available.