Exceptional, Personalized Quality OB/GYN Care And Treatment In A Welcoming Environment

Capital Women’s Care is the mid-Atlantic region’s largest and most influential OB/GYN clinic. The committed board-certified practitioners and medical staff always provide patients with top-level care in a trusting and secure atmosphere where they can feel prioritized and supported. Because they believe their whole team is a cohesive and vital part of their patient’s treatment, the doctors focus on building strong patient-provider relationships. For personalized OBGYN in Fairfax, Haymarket, and Manassas, Virginia, contact Capital Women’s Care through mobile or schedule an initial consultation online. 

How Does Capital Women’s Care Benefit Women?

Getting a reputable and competent OB/GYN is a crucial first step for women who want to take charge of their wellness and general health. The expert team at Capital Women’s Care is honored to provide a full range of OB/GYN and women’s healthcare services for their patients. These include:

o   Maternity care

o   Menopause care

o   Prolapse and pelvic floor care

o   Ultrasound services

o   Minimally invasive treatments

o   Genetic screening

o   Contraceptive management

Capital Women’s Care claims that just about any pregnancy is a one-of-a-kind and fulfilling experience. They work to support expectant mothers and couples in their treatment by sharing individual needs and expectations. They also discuss choices during the delivery or pregnancy to make sure their patients make well-informed decisions regarding their health. What’s more, they work to give patients the delivery experience they want, as the team encourages natural vaginal delivery as well as cesarean section (VBAC delivery).

By enabling children born via vaginal delivery to go directly to the mother’s abdomen, Capital Women’s Care facilitates instant bonding with the infant. The team promotes doula programs for patients who want additional guidance and support during labor and delivery.

Rather than concentrating solely on diagnosing, the gynecological care offered at the practice also utilizes the problem-solving approach to any gynecological condition. The providers acknowledge that tailoring the gynecological treatment to each patient is critical. Your OBGYN practitioner or gynecologist should also recommend regular visits. During these visits, they utilize well-woman tests and pap smears to help detect problems early.

Besides preventive OB/GYN care, highly qualified physicians offer advanced diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions affecting women. These include ovarian cyst, pelvic organ prolapse, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, as well as painful and frequent menstrual bleeding. To ensure they deliver cutting-edge results, Capital Women’s Care features some of the most advanced treatment technologies and modalities, including:

o   Robotic/laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery

o   Endometrial ablations

o   Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)

o   Pelvic floor treatment

o   And other hysteroscopic treatments

Capital Women’s Care aims to offer every patient a reliable, timely diagnosis and care tailored to their specific needs. Their seasoned gynecologists and obstetricians assure women of all ages across Northern Virginia and the neighboring areas state-of-the-art care at their convenient office locations.

For those seeking a trusted OB/GYN practitioner who can address various obstetrics and gynecologic needs, contact Capital Women’s Care. Get started by scheduling an appointment today through mobile or use the online booking tool.