Five factors why the price of bitcoin fluctuates

Bitcoin, first introduced in 2009, has reached the pinnacle of its popularity. Everyone is now involved in Bitcoin tax rate. Its value has soared from $0.09 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the market value of bitcoin might fluctuate at any time. It might soar by hundreds of dollars one day and then collapse by thousands the next.

We’ve been watching how the crypto industry has evolved over the last decade for a long time. We witnessed Elon Musk’s power in this decade as he transformed the market with a single tweet. Bitcoin is more volatile due to supply and demand. People are investing their whole savings into bitcoins. If you too want to invest in bitcoins, you can invest in the best trading platform.

We’ll talk about what makes bitcoins so volatile in this post.


The factor that affects bitcoins’ value the most is in demand and supply from people. The market changes to the requirement of the bitcoins the public needs. The reason is we have limited no. Of bitcoins, i.e., 21 million coins, and as the market is circulating with these limited coins, as the no. of coins will reduce, the price of bitcoins will increase.

It’s quite difficult to predict the value of bitcoin as it can anytime fluctuate according to the market. But with these factors mentioned below, you can get little idea about the upcoming changes in the market.


Social media and news channels play a key role in making bitcoins volatile. Sometimes only rumors can change the market. These two platforms have a lot of traffic; any news, whether true or fake, people will believe. For example, if any news channel shows that the value of bitcoins is going to fall, people, without thinking twice, will go for selling their coins because they are afraid of losing money. So without doing proper research, one should not make any rash decisions.

So, don’t be fooled by phony news, rumours, or account changes. They can quickly deplete your funds.


When big investors arrive in the market and the demand for Bitcoins also grows, they will try to buy them at the lowest price possible to save their money. And for doing that, they will bring down the price of bitcoin by spreading any rumours or fake news. If you want to start trading, try to research these big investors and buy bitcoins along with them at the least price.


Another Factor that affects making bitcoin volatileas “influencers”. Influencers are pretty good at manipulating people. As we discussed Elon musk’s tweet, we have realized how much a single person can bring the market upside down. Once Elon musk said cryptocurrencies could not be accepted as a mode of payment for tesla and the market price fell. But when he just wrote doge in his tweet, the price of doge went up to the sky.

So, keep following influencers and learn about the step they are going to make. Keep a close watch on how the NFT market is working and what are new changes coming in the system. 


Governments may control the price of assets, such as fiat currencies, by buying and selling them on the international market. They can also stifle excessive enthusiasm for an asset class by imposing restrictions that raise business costs.

As a result of this shift, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may drop or grow. That is why blockchain has decentralized ledgers across many countries. Still, some countries do not consider bitcoins legal because of their government. China is one example.


Bitcoin is a good long-term investment, but it is risky too. Many people have lost their money in trading on bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. So we have concluded that bitcoins’ value can change or fluctuate, so you must have proper research or experience in trading.

The above 5 factors are the main factors for fluctuating the value of bitcoins. So keep these in mind before trading. Remember, investment in the crypto market is more about analysis and your gut feeling. Hence, you must not run behind the hype rather, do the research and make the decision.

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