Four ways to create more hygge in your café 

The Danish word hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is now hugely popular around the world. It refers to a warm, happy feeling of cosiness and it’s been a part of Danish culture since the 18th century. By creating this vibe in your café, you can create a cosy and relaxing environment to keep customers coming back. Below, we explore four ways to create more hygge in your café. 

Neutral décor and branding

To achieve more hygge in your café, you need unobtrusive, calming décor and branding. The interior of your café should have light, inoffensive colours. Meanwhile, the furniture should be simple, comfortable and practical. The overall idea should be that you’re creating a simple, neutral environment that’s both comfortable and peaceful for the customer. This can align with your branding too. You can design and print signs that match the hygge in your café, while also ensuring that your branding follows the same message too.


Candlelight is an important part of the hygge aesthetic too. On those cold, dark winter days, candles can be an excellent way of adding light and warmth to a room. Plus, they can boost your mood and alleviate stress! Try adding candles to each table in your café – ideally, they’ll fit the style of your shop too. It’s best to go for something minimalist with a slight fragrant scent to soothe each table. 


There are also plenty of accessories that can boost the hygge in your café. One option is to try and add to the cosy texture of the shop. Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws can help make customers feel more at home. Meanwhile, there are a variety of other accessories that work well: plants, bookshelves and heaters can also provide a calming feeling. 


Your tableware is crucial towards offering a sense of hygge in your café too. You don’t want cheap, unpleasant tableware detracting from your overall aesthetic. Mugs and plates should be made from textured stoneware with an irregular, uneven look to them. This style can often make it look like your plates and mugs have been handcrafted for the café. There are plenty of other tableware accessories that can add to this environment too. Minimalist cafetieres, milk jugs, teaspoons, teapots, water jugs, glasses and trays can all follow this style to add to the hygge in your café. Adding hygge to your café can help make it stand out in a packed market. By making your tableware, décor and accessories minimalist and relaxing, you can achieve a calming atmosphere in your café that has customers eager to return as soon as possible.