Gala Raises Money for Victim Services Toronto: Sam Mizrahi, Others Lend Support

Although Toronto rates as one of the safest cities in North America, the GTA , in fact, still ranks as the 14th most dangerous city in Canada, according to a report by World Atlas. 

Crime rates are in part made up of large criminal organizations that have been in operation since at least the mid-19th century, and today include everything from street gangs and drug trades to car theft and gun violence.

Efforts to reduce criminal activity has been the focus of local law enforcement and the Toronto Police Department. Like most major cities, in Toronto the core mission of the police force is to keep the public safe. How police departments provide their services and the trust they foster in society are becoming just as important. 

When a crime does occur, there are services available to both the victims affected by the incident and the police officers who first respond to the scene.   

One organization who has provided emotional and practical assistance in the immediate aftermath of crime or sudden tragic event is Victim Services Toronto.  Their mission is to help victims of crime and sudden tragedies restore and enhance their quality of life while working to prevent victimization in the diverse communities of Toronto.

The agency works closely, and in partnership with, the Toronto Police and depends on community support and donations in order to provide essential victim assistance programs to the City of Toronto.

In support of Victim Services Toronto, The Chief’s Gala is an annual event hosted by Chief Mark Saunders to raise funds for the agency. The 2019 Chief’s Gala took place on November 14th at the Beanfield Center. Over 1,300 guests attended, including police chiefs and senior police leaders from across the province, members from all levels of government, and members from the business community. Since 2008, over $2.7 million has been raised in support of Victim Services Toronto.

Police Chief Mark Saunders, who hosts The Chief’s Gala each year, commented on the importance of raising funds for the service.  “Victims matter and they can be forgotten really easy if there’s not an entity that puts that at the forefront,” he said.

Sam Mizrahi, president of Mizrahi Developments, another attendee of The Chief’s Gala says he is passionate about showing his support for city police and the community they serve.  He and his team at Mizrahi Developments are diamond level supporters of The Chief’s Gala.

“As someone who helps build communities, policing is very important to me because it affects those communities.  We are in a position to help the victims of crime, including the police officers who respond on the scene, get the support they need in the aftermath of a tragedy,” said Sam Mizrahi.  “I support programs like Victim Services of Toronto because it provides essential victim assistance programs to the City of Toronto.”The 13th Annual Chief’s Gala will take place on Thursday, November 5th, 2020 at the Beanfield Center in Toronto.  Sponsorship opportunities are available by visiting