GET Premium Apps and Games for Free on Android | APPVN APK

This is the generation of invention and we can see a huge improvement of mobile device. Specially, mobile apps and games. With increasing availability of android apps which nearly 74% percentage and device users manages to pay more attention on developing target interested applications. But this is not an easy task. Because most recent apps are not available in free in the most app markets. So, users face more difficulties. In some cases, although the applications are obtainable only a part of it is available for download. In this article I am going to talk about APPVN which is an alternative for AC Market.

APPVN also has a massive collection of apps and games which are free for Android users as well. This is a platform that will give you easy access to occupy apps which are not available in the original Google play store. But this is for best place to where you can easily find applications which are suitable for rooted devices. But AC Market does not require to root the device.


Now, here I am going to say something about best features on APPVN. 

  • This is a widely used market application and composed with the ability to be used on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and windows.
  • APPVN richest with latest apps and that are not available in most other places.
  • Content apps are completely free for users and you do not want to care if it is free or not and you do not want to pay when you use APPVN as your official marketplace.
  • We can see the properly working search features is an original addition for the market applications and here you will be able to use it to find any application that you have been waiting for
  • Searching tool is a very efficient able one and which user want to not wait longer period to observe results. Therefore, it does not consume your time while giving accurate results.
  • Ver simple interfaces and it makes user friendliness which are help the users to operate the application as an experienced person even though first time using this app.
  • It introduces apps of latest version which are even before introducing them officially.
  • Users can get better experience while using this APPVN on both Android and iOS platforms.

Furthermore, we can see some other features also in its latest version;

  • Improved smart user interfaces
  • Stable connection to download elevation of developed details of some apps as well.
  • Removed previous version’s issues
  • Designed with the ability to automatically update itself with a lot of features and latest version of games and apps.

One clicks APPVN download to Android

If you are trying to find this app on Google playStore, you cannot find this app. Therefore, you can download it via the link which is from a reliable link. 

Install the application

  Firstly, you should download this complete and full marketplace. Then locate the app on your device in order to initiate the installation process. It will take a couple of minutes and next make sure downloads from unknown source has been enabled in the security settings on your device if does not start the installation process. Device will not be able to download if you did not do the above process. 

Using the Marketplace

After the above procedure, then you can open the app on your device. You can find a huge number of apps and games easily. You can find advanced search tool and it will give the search results in seconds as well. Just select what app that you want and download and install them in free of charge. 

Latest version of APPVN marketplace

APPVN version 7.3a is the latest edition of the app and you can browse more joyful apps and features through it.

Free games with APPVN

If you need to go for games and applications that you cannot get them from official google play store. APPVN is the best option which is other than AC Market. It is also a very popular marketplace to 3rd party apps and games.  Here there are some free games app which you would like to play.

  • Minecraft pocket edition

I do not want to tell about more about Minecraft game. Because I think you all already play Minecraft. If you do not know what it is that it is an adventure and action game played by users worldwide. Then how do I play this game?   All you have to do is just explore and building 3D games things from simple home to grand castle using your own construction. It is just like a sandbox video game and has been made by a Swedish game designer. This game v1.2.2 is latest version and it is amazing. Because it has been cleared with all reported bugs. You can select multiplayer mode and play with your friends online. There are some modes (adventure mode and spectator mode) in it and you can select one by one and play and enjoy. New features are added in this latest version. They are;

  • Can use eight players to play game that is available for cross platform
  • User able to find many activities like gathering, exploring, combat and crafting used in the game design.
  • Some more dimensions and structures have been added.
  • Improvements of audio system and sounds.
  • Pokemon Go

This game considers as a one of most played game around the world. It has been invented by Join trainers and Pokemon Go is the latest update of this. This is downloaded by over 750 million and called as “the best mobile game” at the game developer’s choice awards. You know it is free when you download from it APPVN or AC Market. There are basic requirements you have to complete while download it and they are given below;

  • Android device should be 2GM RAM space and should be the latest version of Android.
  • Without using GPS and could only connect with Wi-Fi may not be able to use this game.
  • Even though the compatible OS is there in the device and could be guaranteed to use this Pokemon Go game
  • Game play should be fixed while connecting to a network

If all the above requirements are done, then you can play them with a below interesting features.

  • It will offer you a confirmation dialog when you try to relocate a costumed Pokemon.
  • Mass transfer may not be able to use with costumed Pokemon.
  • All network connection errors have been addressed in the latest version 0.77.1
  • Clash of clans

This is also a most played game and you can find a million friends in it. This will allow you to connect with others clan or start a clan of yours by inviting your friends. You can find a team to find the whole world. Battle should be planned using spells, troops and heroes after proper training which is given to your troops. 

We can see many developments in this game, and they are mentioned below;

  • Journey to build base to find a few latest characters and building in the mysterious world.
  • Can get new troops as raged barbarian, sneaky archer, boxer giant bombs, cannon cart etc. can be used to have new battles.

 Here we talked about a lot of things APPVN which is an alternative of AC Market and you can explore more features and apps while using AC Market also.