Go Kart Tips & Tricks: Reach Corners Faster

Have you wanted to advance your go-kart racing? We understand your enthusiasm for racing. Every time a driver signs up for an entire race or even during cup races, we see them pushing themselves to set faster lap times.

It’s essential to remember that even the world’s top drivers eventually hit a lap-time ceiling. To assist you in reaching new milestones, we have put together a helpful guide filled with amazing things and go-karting advice. You can start seeing benefits with a few slight adjustments to your racing strategy.

1. Navigating Turns

Being able to focus at superhuman levels is essential for racing vehicle drivers. Your time can be greatly enhanced by making small changes. You should decide the best racing line for each turn once you are familiar with all of them.

The quickest way to navigate a corner is what is known as a racing line. It is possible to divide this line into three sections:

  • The outside of the turn you are about to enter.
  • The outside of the track you enter at the end of the turn.

2. Approaching A Turn

You have to approach turns from the outside of the track. Try to get as close to the track’s edge as possible for your approach to the bend. You should still be speeding up as much as you can at this stage to attain your top speed before approaching the corner.

3. Approaching The Apex

Try to move in a straight line as you approach the corner. It’s time to let up on the accelerator and use your breaks as you get closer to the apex. Start turning as you near the apex. You ought to let up on the breaks and speed up as you pass the turn’s apex.

4. Coming Out Of The Turn

It’s crucial to keep accelerating straight ahead as you come out of the corner. Your back wheels won’t kick out as a result of doing this. When accelerating, aim for the outside of the track because this will allow you to accelerate as far as possible without turning further.

5. Get Familiar With The Track

A few essential aspects play a role in improving your lap times. It’s essential that you become familiar with the tune. You’ll know what to anticipate during a go kart racing for kids once your kids have mastered the track.

You must choose which of several approaches to take when navigating a turn. The turns, barriers, and signage on each racing track are distinctively their own. Make an effort to remember each turn as well as their sequential order. Your time-saving plan can then be developed from there.

It frequently requires a split-second decision in racing situations. Depending on what other drivers are doing around you, you may need to choose the best course of action for a turn.


The most crucial aspect of your turn is how you time the apex approach. Your time around a bend will be significantly affected by breaking and accelerating during the approach.

Play around with the timing of your braking and acceleration each time you approach a bend. Choose a precise turn position for accelerating at and play around with it. Consider specific features or markers on the course that you can use to point out where you should begin braking, accelerating, or turning.