Good Mobile Travel Apps to Have On Your Apple Phone

Planning a vacation is an exciting activity. It gives you something to look forward to in the next few months. Whether it’s a road trip or a family holiday, there are many places to visit. There are also a few great mobile apps that you could use on your Apple phone to make your travel as memorable as possible.

We have listed some of those apps for you in this guide.


This is one of the best travel apps for those who fly more than they drive. With Hopper, you will receive details about air tickets and hotel prices daily. It also comes with historical data that you can use to decide whether to book now or wait a little longer.

Hopper works in a very simple way. As you wait for an Apple earnings date on your phone, key in your travel destination. From there, a color-coded calendar will prompt you with cheap and expensive flights and hotels. It will also show the best travel dates based on your budget.

Hopper will then advise you on whether to travel now or to hold on until things get a little better. You can choose to set up a budget watch and keep your phone.


With TripIt, you will organize all your itineraries under one roof without breaking a sweat. This app works best for both Android and iPhone. You only need to forward your confirmation notification to, and the intuitive app will craft a free master doc for your every trip.

You don’t need an internet connection to access your itinerary regardless of your location. While there is a free version, you could augment your planning power with TripIt pro at $49 per year. The premium version comes with more features that you will find useful.

You will get notifications for any refund, real-time flight alerts, currency converter, and how to track reward points. Therefore, go ahead and try TripIt for your next itinerary.


Do you travel a lot with your loved ones? It would be a bad experience if you get caught up in bad weather on a lengthy highway. DriveWeather is an iPhone app that was developed to protect you from bad experiences during your trip.

With the app, you will be able to know the best departure time; many people prefer sunny days. It will then suggest the best routes based on the weather conditions in your preferred destination. It will let you know whether there are slippery roads ahead and how best to avoid them.

There is a free version. With it, you will get two days of accurate forecast, a 900-mile trip limit, and city-to-city routing. The premium version costs around $9.99 per year and comes with mind-blowing extra features.


If you are fond of driving to your destinations, you wouldn’t want to encounter congestions on the road. There might also be things like accidents, blocked roads, or other hazards that might delay your travel. Your moods will go down if you begin your trip with congestion.

You can take advantage of Waze. The app is intuitive and comes with a speedometer to help you stay within limits. Also, it relies on real-time traffic data to predict your arrival time. Waze is a unique app with unique features, and it doesn’t cost a dime to download to your apple phone.


Travelers believe that Timeshifter is the best app for those looking to prevent jetlag. Suppose you have an international trip and would like to keep jetlag at bay, then this might be the best app for you.

The app was developed by scientists and experienced developers. They wanted to ensure that your international trips do not face hiccups due to jetlag. If you check out the application’s website, you will see that astronauts have also used it to get to their destinations in the best shape.

Note that you will get your first jetlag plan for free. But we are sure that you will love and keep the application for your future trips.

There are more apps out there that you could use to plan your next trip. However, you should give the one shared on this guide the best priority. Besides coming with helpful features, the applications will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can also use more than one of them at the same time since they serve different purposes.

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