Harnessing the Power of AIGC, Heynext Sets the Stage for High-Quality Game Distribution

When ChatGPT unleashed the potential of AIGC, it brought to light the profound influence of generative AI across various domains. This advanced technology not only enables prompt and accurate responses to any questions posed by humans but also possesses the capability to produce articles, create videos, and generate artistic works based on provided descriptions. With cutting-edge tools like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and other professional AI-based painting tools, a wider user base is empowered to explore their artistic talents with the assistance of AI.

The advent of AIGC has sparked a wave of interest among game publishers, who are now seeking to integrate AI into their products. By combining generative AI with games, they have witnessed the fruitful rewards this synergy can bring. Numerous game companies have embarked on an accelerated journey, embracing the potential of generative AI to enhance their offerings.

Turning Possibilities into Realities: The Era of AIGC Unleashed

In the era of AIGC, it is evident that a single sentence has the power to construct an entire imaginary world. This parallels our past fascination with novels, where authors’ words would ignite vivid visuals within our minds. Now, with the aid of advanced capabilities like AI generated image and AI generated content, generative AI brings forth imagery from our imagination into reality, transforming our colorful visions into aesthetically pleasing creations that surpass even our wildest dreams. As a result, the gaming realm, which was originally conceived in the virtual world, becomes even more enchanting, seamlessly blending with the wonders of generative AI.

Game companies are harnessing the benefits of generative AI to continually enhance their existing products. Furthermore, they are leveraging this technology to strategically plan new products, craft intricate storylines, and effortlessly generate original artwork designs. The inherent synergy between games and generative AI has played a pivotal role in driving the rapid advancement not only of the AI industry as a whole but also propelling the gaming sector onto a new trajectory of accelerated growth.

Embracing the Generative AI Path: Transforming the Game Landscape

With the advent of large-scale AI models, communication dialogues have become more dynamic and flexible. Recognizing the immense value in this development, game companies have embraced the opportunity to revolutionize the monotonous and repetitive speech of non-playable characters (NPCs) as well as the linear plot introductions. By endowing NPCs with generative AI language capabilities, players now embark on a fresh gaming experience where NPCs can engage in diverse conversations and present a variety of quests and tasks throughout the game. This innovation has unlocked a new level of interactivity for players, enriching their overall immersion and involvement within the game world.

The game world has witnessed a vibrant transformation, thanks to the efficient capabilities of generative AI painting tools in 3D rendering. Previously unexplored scenes now come to life, unveiling a multitude of captivating environments for gamers to explore. In fact, virtual worlds have even expanded beyond earthly bounds, allowing players to embark on thrilling journeys through the vastness of the universe. Similarly, generative AI painting tools have become an invaluable source of inspiration for original artwork designers, revolutionizing character development and prop design. Designers now enjoy newfound efficiency and creativity, ushering in an exciting era of innovation in the gaming industry.

While many game publishers are leveraging generative AI software and technology companies are offering customized enterprise models, Heynext has embarked on a distinctive path of independent research and development. Recognizing the transformative impact of generative AI on the gaming industry early on, Heynext has made substantial investments, amounting to tens of millions of dollars, in the field of generative AI over the past two years. This forward-thinking approach allows Heynext to forge its own unique advancements and remain at the forefront of the evolving game landscape.

In the realm of new game development, Heynext has achieved a significant milestone by implementing an intelligent NPC system from the ground up. Leveraging the power of AI in natural language dialogue, Heynext’s game NPCs are capable of engaging in real-time, multi-person interactions using natural language. This groundbreaking feature allows players in Heynext’s new games to not only seek guidance and ask questions from NPCs within the game but also immerse themselves in an expansive story world. Regardless of their individual demands, players can embark on new explorations through dynamic NPC dialogues.

As the AI model gathers more and more data from diverse player interactions, it continually enhances its capacity to offer natural-language responses. This wealth of data promotes more realistic NPC conversations and expands the range of accessible content, gradually ushering in a new era of immersive experiences in new games. Moreover, Heynext harnesses the capabilities of generative AI at the drawing level to provide additional references for creative design, further enriching the gaming experience.

The Heynext team has expressed their commitment to long-term research in generative AI. Simultaneously, they aim to foster the incubation of a distinctive AI model that perfectly aligns with their own products. Building upon this self-developed AI model, Heynext aspires to create real-time game rendering capabilities and enhance their basic game engine capabilities, paving the way for a fully open game model. By harnessing emerging technologies like virtual reality and AI, Heynext also plans to establish a VR game distribution branch to expand their presence across various fields of gaming.

The integration of AI, particularly generative AI, is not limited to game publishers alone. Individual game developers and creative design practitioners are also embracing AI in various forms to enhance their game development processes. This close collaboration between AI and the gaming industry marks the onset of a new era characterized by improved quality and enhanced efficiency in game publishing.

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