Hashiriya Drifter Mod APK- Unlimited Gems/Money

If you are a game lover and want some thrill and excitement while playing, then the car racing drifter Mod APK amuse you a lot. Hashiriya Drifter Mod APK is full of fun, thrill, and enjoyment. The game’s developers are Crazy4 Profession limited. The old Japanese street race culture inspires it. It has many fun-filled levels online and offline as well. The players can enjoy a real car racing experience while playing. It’s an Android-based version of a car racing game series. Drifter Mod can lead you to the realistic way of drifting a car and racing experience. 

Meaning of Hashiriya

Before going on this best drifting experience, one must know “Hashiriya”.The street racers are natively known as the Hashiriya. And the meaning of this particular word is roof, seller, house, etc. 

Features of the Game

The game has a lot of exciting features. As it has 

  1. Levels
  2. Customization of vehicle
  3. Mode of playing 
  4. Collecting points to buy other cars
  5. Best drifting experience 
  6. Sound effect 
  7. Graphics 


The game has different levels and tasks; you can go further to the next and exciting levels as you play. The game gives you the best drifting fun. Gradually the levels got harder than the previous level as you had to go through the narrow streets and hurdled highways. It’s an addictive game once you start playing it. 


The most exciting feature for a cat lover is to customize it. The car can be customized in every way. You can change its color as there are a lot of colors available. Then the wheel type can also be changed. The lights and headlights, bumper and all the features can be changed according to the choice of the racers. 

Hashiriya Drifter allows the drifter to make his car as he wants. It also has the feature of choosing a driver on your own. You can dress up the driver by changing his gloves, helmet, shoes, etc.

These features are as exciting as one can feel that he is going on a drive after preparing everything according to his own will. 

Modes of the Hashiriya

There are two types of modes the game has. One can play a single player. On the other hand, there is an available multiplayer mode that is the online mode.

Single Player Mod is available where one can play alone, and it is basically for the practice as well. If someone is new to the drifting experience game, they can practice and control all the buttons and tools to drive.

Multiplayer Mode 

Drifting car games could be more exciting if played with friends. The Multiplayer mode of the game has the choice to invite your friends to take part in this racing journey with you. There is a choice to choose the number of players to play with you. 

And it’s good to know that it is a game that can invite at least twenty partners to play at a time. It means one can have a lot of fun and enjoy the real racing experience.

Collecting Points in the form of cash 

As one has the grip over drifting so perfectly, the chance of collecting points is raised. The game is designed in the way that they call the points of the game cash. And the reason behind this name is that as you collect more cash, you can buy more cars of your own choice. How exciting it seems to play such an amazing game. It looks like you are a real rider and having fun in your best racing car. That is also made of your own choice. 

Best Drifting Experience

Game Players of racing cars want something thrilling and full of fun, and the Drifter Mod APK fulfills all the requirements of the Drifting lovers. 

The game has more exciting features, but the most important is controlling the control buttons. When you have full command over the accelerator and turning spots of the car, you will have super fun while playing. And the points received are based on the number of drifting and the time spent on the track. The drifting is made by the drivers mostly on the corners, but they must be careful because at such a fast speed could lose control over the car. 

Sound Effects

Hashiriya Drifter has amazing sound effects. During the entire game, it adds fun to the racing experience of the racer. The car sound and the super thrilling music of the Drifter Mod are really enjoyable for the player throughout its journey. 

Graphics and Visual Effects 

The visual memory lasts in one’s mind for a long time. It is a universal truth. And the game developer never forgets these points. It is the basic quality of a popular game with awesome and attractive graphics that immediately grab the player’s attention. Game has graphics that engage you in the most realistic drifting journey. 

 Where to Get Hashiriya Drifter 

Go to the google play store and write Hashiriya Drifter Mod APK. There are many games displayed on the screen. You can choose your favorite type of drifting game. And it’s free of cost. 

Is Hashiriya Drifter able to play On PC, Laptop?

Hashiriya  is a game made for Android, but it can also be played on the PC and laptops. 

For this purpose, you will have to download LD Player or Xeplayer. These are the Android emulators to play the games on PC and laptops. 

After installing the player, launch the player and write Hashiriya Drifter Mod APK in the search bar, click on the download button and enjoy the most exciting drifting experience on your PC. 


In short, Hashiriya Drifter Mod APK is the best racing game that can kill boredom and leads you to a fun-filled racing adventure. The game has an addictive essence in it. Once you start playing, you will never forget the super fun racing experience.