Health and Fitness Advice While Traveling

You might love traveling, but you might have found that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with your health and fitness routine while you’re exploring new places. Luckily, though, you don’t have to give up your quest to live a healthy lifestyle just because you like to travel a lot. The tips below can help you stay fit and healthy, even if you love living a jetsetter lifestyle.

Use the Hotel’s Fitness Facilities

Although some are better than others, many hotels and motels offer fitness facilities that are free for guests to use. When booking a hotel, try to look for a hotel that offers this perk. Then, in the morning when you first wake up, you can start your day off with a great workout. Alternatively, you can try to fit in a workout when you return in the evenings or when you have a brief gap in your itinerary.

Add Active Activities to Your Itinerary

When coming up with fun things to do on your trip, consider looking for activities that will encourage you to be active. Visit a park and walk the trails, or go mountain climbing when visiting a scenic place. Go skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating when visiting a place with a cold climate. You should be able to find tons of fun and active activities in just about any major destination.

Use Walking as Your Main Form of Transportation

Instead of taking the bus or grabbing a taxi when you’re on a vacation, try walking to your destination. This can be a good way to explore the area, and it can help you get in some much-needed cardio, too. Another fun and active option is to look into a bike rental, if they are available in the area that you are visiting.

Do a Workout Routine in Your Hotel Room

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a fitness center, you can still work out in the hotel. Consider doing body weight exercises, or stream an exercise video on your smartphone or laptop. You can even bring resistance bands or a jump rope in your carry-on bag so that you can easily fit in a workout in your hotel room before heading out for a fun day.

Eat Some of Your Meals in Your Room

For many people, dining out is one of the most fun parts of traveling. This is especially true if you’re visiting new and exciting places and if you want to immerse yourself in their culture as much as possible.

However, it’s no secret that restaurant meals can be unhealthy. Therefore, you might want to consider having a few meals in your hotel room. Grab a salad or wrap from the deli section at a nearby grocery store, or pack a few granola bars or other healthy snacks when you’re getting ready for your trip. Even if you skip just a couple of restaurant meals, you can save yourself a lot of calories. Plus, having a few meals in your room is a good way to save money, too.

Make Healthy Choices at Restaurants

Of course, just because you visit a great restaurant doesn’t mean that you have to make unhealthy choices. Many restaurants offer baked or steamed options that are packed with vegetables, for example, allowing you to make healthy choices. Swapping out cocktails or soda for water and minding your portions are other easy ways that you can make healthier choices when dining out on your trip.

Make Sure You Drink Plenty of Water

You might be planning on walking a lot while you’re on your trip, and you might be visiting a hot destination. In all of the excitement of your trip, though, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water. Bring along a refillable water bottle, and make sure that you drink plenty of water on your trip. This can help you stay healthy and hydrated, can save you money on beverages, and can help you avoid drinking too many sugary, high-calorie beverages.