Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked Play Online Game Free

Are you ready to play 2023’s best action game Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked. In this game, you need to fight against other players around the world. You have to select your favorite server where other players are online and are ready to fight. Just join that server and click play and the fight will begin. In the beginning, you only have one weapon with which you have to kill the enemies. But later after killing some players you can switch to pistol and other weapons. Apart from this, once you are successful in reaching the enemy point, there you can select free or can buy a military vehicle. The free ones have less strength and the paid ones have more strength.

After you fight and win more rounds, you level will increase and some weapons and vehicles will be available in the box on the map. Sometimes, the box will be in enemy area and sometimes near you. So try to get the box and use items inside. Once you reach certain level, you are allowed to use many items including helicopter, tanks, vehicles, and different weapons. It’s all up to you how to start game and win some rounds to unlock premium items. In this article, we will share detail about Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked online game, how to play it, what are the controls, features, FAQs, and more. So read till end!


  • 2D attractive graphics.
  • Multiple guns included.
  • Basic weapons in start and premium after reaching certain levels.
  • Military vehicles included.
  • Easy controls to master.
  • Explore the map and kill enemies.
  • Different servers from normal to hard competition.

How to Play Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked?

The gameplay is very easy to understand. Your main goal is to fight against other players, beat them and become strongest player in the server. There are some other missions to complete which will give you extra XP points if completed successfully. Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked can be played with online players or you can invite your friends to play against you. In start, you will only have basic weapons and vehicles, but as soon as you kill other players and reach certain levels, you are allowed to switch to premium weapons and vehicles. There is a box in the map that maybe near you or in enemy area. You must get that box because in that box, there are premium weapons and military vehicles. Once you reach the box, select the best Tank and weapon and start fighting. The controls of the game are below:

  • WASD or arrow keys on keyboard for movement.
  • Mouse movement to look around.
  • Right mouse click to aim.
  • Left mouse click to shoot or punch.
  • Mouse scroll to change weapon.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Tab button to go to menu.
  • Esc button to exit the pointer.
  • E button for interaction.
  • Shift button for sprint.
  • R button to reload ammo.

If you master these controls, then no one can beat you in the game. You must also look at your health because other online players have good aim and weapons that can kill you in no time. So try to dodge and shoot at enemies.

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Where can we play Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked online?

There are many websites who have installed this game on their server. You can search game online and play on any website from the result.

Can we download the game on mobile?

Yes, the game is available to be played online and on mobile. But for both, you must have an internet connection because you are playing with other online players.

Why it is banned in schools and colleges?

It is an addictive game which makes the children to not focus on studies. Instead of studies, they spend time on this game in school. That’s why many countries have blocked it.

How can I get unblocked version of the game?

You can search in Google “Helicopter vs Tank Unblocked”. Many websites are giving access to the unblocked version of this game where you can play it.

Is there any cheat codes for the game?

No, there are no cheat codes because it is an online server game so you need to fly fair against other online players. No player can use cheat codes.


Helicopter vs Tanks Unblocked has gained popularity among young children since its launch. It is an online or on mobile action fighting game where multiple players on different servers are ready to fight with you. You just need to select a perfect server that works fine in your area and join the fight. To get premium vehicles and weapons, you need to win rounds and reach certain level. If you are ready to become master of fighting, then join the server and play Helicopter vs Tanks Unblocked online today!