Here Are Some Statistics About Bitcoins And Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, cryptos, digital assets, NFTs, Blockchain, all these are buzzing the internet and news. You can find new information about them every day. Below, you will come across some interesting statistics about the crypto world. Read on to know further.

  1. According to a recent cryptocurrency statistic, 28,866 Bitcoin-related social media postings are made per day, making it to 20 posts every minute.
  2. In February 2021, the price of bitcoin increased by 66%. According to cryptocurrency statistics, it had increased by roughly $20 000 by February. The digital asset value was only $30 000 in January 2021.
  3. It was only worth $10,000 a year ago, which is even more astounding. That’s a 400% gain in value by the first quarter of 2021!
  4. Talking about Tether, this particular form of cryptocurrency also had to get much traction. In fact, in February, Tether was the most valued cryptocurrency, where its volume in 24-hour stood at $109 billion. On the other hand, the virtual asset hasn’t always been easy. Big personalities like the Attorney General of New York were previously its harshest critics. He suggested that because the US dollar does not fully support the currency, it may not be as stable as it promises. Tether did not refute the charges and disclosed that the dollar has a 74 percent endorsement rate. However, it has shown its usefulness through time and now serves a variety of markets.
  5. The market cap of Bitcoin in Feb 2021 was at $56 billion, and Tether stood at $108.77 billion. So, you see how dramatically its value rose.
  6. In 2020, around 1 million Ethereum were transacted. After Ethereum, if there is a cryptocurrency that is a stiff competitor of Bitcoin, it is Ethereum. In 2020, it had the highest transactions in the fourth quarter. And during the same time, the Bitcoin transaction clocked in at only 330,000.
  7. Cryptos are not free of malware; around 667 million crypto-malware were detected in 2020. In January 2020, around 600 million fishy crypto-malware were detected, and this number later increased to 16 million by March 2020. We agree that the internet has simplified our work, but it has also made it easy for data hackers and breachers to enter into the system. 
  8. It raises concern because this can trigger a threat to crypto mining without raising any suspicion. This process is called crypto-jacking. 
  9. Although so many cryptocurrencies are circulating in the market, the top 19 take up to 88% of the total cryptocurrency market. Popular cryptocurrencies include Binance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin. 
  10. There are around 300 cryptocurrencies exchanges (2020). Now, this has been a whopping increase. The number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms is growing, and this is because of the rising interest in investing in cryptos. So, if you are keen on this, you must choose the right cryptocurrency exchange platform like cryptocurrency trading expert that can provide you with a trusted and easy-to-use crypto platform. 
  1. We have also witnessed a rise in the number of Bitcoin ATMs. Last year in January, there were around 14,915 Bitcoin ATMs. 
  1. Bitcoin investment is going to rise in the future. We know that presently the value of Bitcoin is declining, but the fact is that this is a temporary phase. It remains the key area of investment for many investors. In January 2021, the investment increased by almost 100%. But this is not merely limited to Bitcoin, and there has been a growing interest in Ethereum as well. In 2021, a survey was conducted on 60,000 users, and they agreed that they have a keen interest in digital assets. This highlights that we will witness a great increase and growth in cryptocurrency investment in the future. 
  1. In 2021, there were around 4000 cryptocurrencies in the market. While there are so many cryptocurrencies in the market, Bitcoin continues to top the charts. Around 65% of the crypto investors invest in Bitcoin.

Final Words 

These are just the numbers, but the underlying truth is that there is a growing interest in digital assets, Bacon and cryptos, and this will only rise in the future.