Home entertainment ideas and tips to have a good time

These days of vacations are all entertainment, but they can also turn into a real nightmare. The children are going to ask you to go out, come in, do a lot of activities, visit different exhibitions.

Everything is designed for entertainment, but what if the weather is not good or you do not have the opportunity to go out. This situation becomes more difficult when the child is an only child.

Don’t worry, we give you some options to keep your children entertained at home without having to spend hours in front of the computer or television.

Activities for the older ones:

Here if it is almost inevitable to be in front of a screen. You can share with your child his or her favorite game on the video console and let him or her teach you how to find shortcuts and score points, or compete against him.

Not all video games are harmful, you can choose some very educational and also super entertaining.

You can also decide which movie to watch, prepare all the paraphernalia as if you were in the cinema and hit play.

Then you can comment on the film, what its values ​​have been, what you think about the behavior of the protagonists, or simply talk about the costumes.

Other than this if you don’t have children’s then you can make a short film on your life stories and for this you can contact filmlocationsmiami.com they provide you the best and beautiful locations for your film.

Activities for the little ones:

The smallest and smallest of the house entertain themselves with almost anything. One way to exercise his memory and also play an entertaining game with him is to start a treasure hunt.

You must turn your house into a real hideout for pirates. In the space that you decide, hide one or more treasures and make a map, if your child can read it, or simply go indicating with clues where to look for it. Remember to adapt the game to his age.

You can add more magic to this game if you dress up, anything you find in the closet can work, or if you decorate the house with the theme of the treasure. It’s just a matter of putting a little imagination into it.

Entertainment for children from 6 to 7 years old:

From 6 or 7 years old, children already want to show what they are capable of doing. If you have had to stay home with your son or daughter, you can play mime.

This way you will get him to strive to develop another expressiveness. For example, to start and make it very easy you can tell him to show you some action: like driving, climbing stairs … and then making it more difficult for him, something like piloting a submarine, preparing food, going to school.

Activities that you do, or not, on a daily basis, for which you cannot use words.

There are boys and girls who especially entertain themselves by drawing, so take out the paintings and let your child unleash his imagination.

As a complementary exercise, you can put music on him and ask him to draw what inspires him.