How a Word Counter Can Help You Write an Article

So how do you plan to write your content for your website? Take it one word at a time. It’s really that easy if you know how to use the best techniques. You can even have the article written while taking a shower. Just ensure you have a word counter at hand. Here’s how:

  • Choose A Topic: Many times, writers find this the easiest step. It’s a great thing you already have a website and want some online traffic drawn into it. You can possibly have an online product or service to promote.

In some other times, you’re seated in front of your laptop without any idea on what to write. Just look around and see if there is something that can inspire you to write. Perhaps someone has a question to ask? Maybe you have read a newspaper article which is close to the topic you want to write about. This can be an input on what to write. If not, take a break and ensure you can have something in your head to write about.

  • Create An Outline: Use pointers to give you hints on what to write about. Begin with the headline like adding some targeted keywords. You can also add sub-headings with more keywords. Introduce it in paragraphs or use bullet points. Let your outline have an introduction and other focal points. In some cases, you may need a conclusion, however, it can be optional.
  • Write Your Article: The outline serves as your skeleton whenever you want to start writing your article. You’ll just have to fill-in the spots between sub-headers and in less time, you already have your content. Just ensure the article is well-written with all the details required by online users to choose your website. A well-written article will help draw more traffic to your site. 

Depending on what to mention about the topic, each paragraph may contain around 80 to 100-words in length. To know the number of words or characters you have written, you can always use a free word counter found on the Net. Perhaps you’re using MS Word, which features the word or character counter down below. 

You can always improve your skills in writing by checking online videos and reading e-books. If you master the skill, this will make you improve and write great articles. You can even do it faster if you’re well-versed with the topic. To help you with the word counts, choose a reliable word counter available online. 

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