How Do Camlock Fittings Work in Water Purification Plants?

Camlock fittings are everywhere. They are undoubtedly the easiest, quickest, cheapest, and the best leakage-free fitting solutions available these days. That’s why they are made with different materials to serve the different commercial Camlock fittings applications. Several Camlock fittings materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and polypropylene are used wisely for the desired application.

For example, polypropylene Camlocks are widely used in domestic pipes and sanitary pipes; they are also used in some chemical plants because they won’t get any erosion. Meanwhile, aluminum and brass materials are used in many water pipes and hoses for domestic purposes because they have high melting points and can bear high pressure. 

Many hydraulic companies use the Camlock fittings to deal with quick locking and unlocking while transferring the liquids from one commodity to another commodity. The petroleum industry and the water purification plants appear on top of Camlock fittings applications whenever the hydraulic companies use the Camlock fittings materials. You can use the stainless steel Camlocks for the acidic or alkali commodities, and brass material works well for salty water transmission.

On the other hand, if we need to use the Camlock fittings in water purification plants, we have to use the aluminum Camlocks with a suitable gasket to bear the temperature changes like -30℃ to120℃. Let’s see how Camlock fittings work in the water purification plants and how they made the water transfer quick and secure. 

How Do Camlock Fittings Work in Water Purification Plants?

The water purification plants are a recent addition in Camlock fitting applications. Today the water purification plants are commercially operating in almost every big city by many bigger brands. There is so much competition between the brands, and there is a higher pressure to deliver more supply than demand so that no competitor would take over. 

Recently, the RO plants have overruled the basic water purification process. In an RO plant, there needs two pipe ends ejecting from the water purification supplier. The one is the wasted water having a higher TDS number, and the other pure and clean water having a lesser TDS number. So, the overall filtration process is already doubled by moving into RO plants rather than traditional filtration plants.

Moreover, several bigger brands use the additional minerals in the purified water to generate a specific taste of their brands; hence, some additional pipes and connectors are required to cope with this situation. So, overall the budget estimations in the latest water purification plants have been doubled or tripled due to RO plants; therefore, it is much needed to shift to the cam locks fittings to save the budget. 

Advantages of Camlock Fitting in Water Purification Applications

Following are some major benefits of using Camlock fittings in water purification applications. 

  1. Camlocks are the quickest fitting solutions that don’t need any external tools to operate.
  2. If you already know how Camlock fittings work, you must agree that they provide the quickest joints between pipes and the water tanks.
  3. They are so portable and reliable. Even single labor can make the leakage-free joints between several water tanks by using the Camlocks. 
  4. They are so universal in their operations. Camlock fittings can easily be used between the tanks, and then they can also be used between the pipes and hoses and can also be used to transfer the purified water from bigger tanks to the smaller taps to fill the bottles. 

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