How Do I Report a Nursing Home Abuse in the State of Virginia?

More and more people are choosing to live in a facility like nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, this may be the wrong decision because there have been many cases of abuse and negligence at these facilities. If you suspect that someone is being abused at a nursing home, it is essential to report it immediately so that the appropriate authorities can investigate. To do this properly, here are your options.

1. Call 911 in an Emergency

Calling for help should always be your first choice if you believe someone is being abused. You must keep both the person who is being harmed and yourself safe. You can call the police or fire department where you live to report the incident. If you have a problem in a local nursing home, contact your local authorities and demand an investigation. The State of Virginia is one of the few states that require reporting abuse to the state, so if you live in Virginia and are concerned about someone being abused, call your local State Attorney General’s Office or local police department.

2. Report it to the Doctor

If you do not feel comfortable calling the authorities, please go to your doctor and report what you believe is happening. You may feel like you do not have all the information you need to make an accurate report. It is okay to report it and say that you aren’t sure, but if you are worried about the person, your doctor should be able to help.

3. Use Virginia’s 24/7/365 Elder Abuse Hotline

If you are worried about someone being abused but are not sure what to do, the best option is to call the Virginia Elder Abuse hotline. The State of Virginia has set up this hotline to report suspected abuse. They will be able to help you navigate the system and get any help that is needed. If a loved one is being harmed by someone they trust, they may no longer trust your judgment. You can report to the hotline without being identified.

4. File a Complaint Online

If you are not comfortable with how to report the abuse, then you can do it online. The Virginia Department of Health has a website that explains how to report abuse. They have made it easier for people to report abuse by setting up an online form. You can fill out a form and have it sent directly to the proper authorities or fill one out online and then print it off and mail or fax it in using a free fax app if you are worried about your identity.

5. Locate a Nursing Home Injury Attorney in Virginia

If you are concerned about your loved one being abused, you can contact a nursing home injury attorney in Virginia for justice. Emroch & Kilduff, LLP has years of experience in cases like these. They can help you find out if your loved one is being abused and then get the needed help. Their team loves to take on cases like these. They genuinely care about the health and well-being of the people who live in the community.