How Does Sharing Your Stories with Other People Affect Your Growth?

“Sharing is caring” is what we’ve heard all our life and it holds true for every case. A person is only fearless and courageous when he has nothing to hide. When a person hides something, he kills a part of one’s being by constantly lying to save the secret that one resides. That person is subject to all kinds of threats i.e. blackmail, slander, etc. Hence, sharing our stories has a positive impact on our growth and this well-known blog like Huffpost will tell you how.

Strengthening of Character

Take an example of Ellen DeGeneres. She was a top stand-up comedian and hosted a number of shows when she hid about her sexual orientation. After she came out of the closet, she faced severe critiques and lost the shows. It was hard for her at first but she gained inner peace. Gradually, she was opted by major organizations such as Subaru for their advertisement spokesperson. Now, she has her own show i.e. Ellen DeGeneres show, and is now living happily with her wife Portia de Rossi. The main point of this example is that a person’s character becomes stronger and he/she becomes courageous in the face of the world and ultimately becomes successful.

Best Remedy to Blackmail and Retaining Uniqueness

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Human is known to make mistakes but some mistakes haunt a person for eternity. He becomes subject to blackmail and becomes a puppet for people to do their bidding. His own essence of life is lost and he struggles to survive. Like it is said above that a person is only fearless when he has nothing to hide, hence, sharing the dark secret is the only way to become free. Although, every action bears a certain consequence, after facing the consequences, a person is free to live and make its own choices.  He is able to retain his uniqueness and starts contributing to the world like he was supposed to do. When we are free, we are able to make our own choices and have our own free will, which is a blessing. Hence, sharing our secrets not only sets us free from blackmail but it’s also able to help us regain and retain our uniqueness. 

Transmission from Introvert to Extrovert

An introvert is a negative quality of a person as introverts are socially lacking. Humans are known to be social animals and it’s their basic instinct to socialize with others. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but they’ll always lack the resources to be successful and face quite some hardships. One of the major causes of being an introvert might be linked to past bad experiences, such as physical or sexual abuse, bullying,etc. One loses ones’ confidence and continues to run from confrontations and hence, they are subjected to reliving these harsh memories and lose of overall self-confidence and self-esteem. Hence, sharing these harsh memories might rid these people of these experiences and they might be able to call out of help. Once that stage is reached, their transmission from being an introvert to extrovert is imminent. As they begin to feel safe, they’ll be outspoken about the things and try to socialize and regain their lost values.

Role Model/Leader in the Making


When we share our experiences and struggles with people on our road to success, we are actually inspiring people and becoming their role models. Being a role model is not an easy job as we are subjected to the responsibility of leading the followers. The leader leads through example and having certain followers enhances the skills of a leader in terms of communication, critical thinking, decision making, and goal setting. Even if we aren’t successful, our experiences through somethings might be relevant and helpful for other people. For instance, coming out of a long-lasting abuse. Many people try to hide the abuse as they think that it’s a symbol of shame but after listening to our story, they take us up for a role model and follow our example. Hence, a motivational speaker is born. 

These are some of the ways that affect our growth if we try to share our stories. If you have something else to contribute, let us know.